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The 7 Best Pizzas In Fort Wayne, Indiana

Very little beats the taste of a good pie, so we set out to find the very best pizza in Fort Wayne, Indiana. From classic Italian pizzas through to traditional New York style, there is something here for all pizza lovers.

All you have to do is grab a friend, forget about the diet and head down to one of the delicious pizza joints.

Best pizza in Fort WayneHow do these rankings work?

1. 800 Degrees Wood Fired Pizza

800 Degrees Wood Fired Pizza do huge puffy crusts that are very much in the new Neapolitan-style of making pizza. They load the centre up with toppings to create a pizza that is absolutely bursting with flavour through every single mouthful.

2. 816 Pint & Slice

This local favourite serves up pies that are so big you’ll need to bring a large group of friends with you. Order by the slice to mix and match things up a little, or try a whole one on your own. Wash it down with a refreshing pint of course!

Packed full of flavour and always served with a friendly smile.

3. Mad Anthony Brewing Co.

Mad Anthony Brewing Co. brings the best of both worlds together: craft brews and handmade pizzas using local, farm ingredients. They do one of the area’s best deep dish Chicago style pizzas, as well as their locally famous ‘Unwraps’ which are wafer thin and super crispy.

A brilliant spot for some of the best pizza in Fort Wayne.

4. Lexy’s Pizza

Lexy’s Pizza has been going strong in Fort Wayne for over 60 years, with a loyal fan base who flock to its two locations for tasty pies. The bases are nice and crisp and come with classic toppings. Along with great service this is not a place you are going to want to miss.

5. Oley’s Pizza

The double crust pizza here is truly iconic: it’s HUGE. The deep dish pies at Oley’s pizza are perfect for a serious feast and come topped with heaps of cheese. With pizza this good you really don’t need to overcomplicate the toppings. Keep it simple and enjoy every single bite.

best pizza fort wayne

6. Raimondo’s Pizza

This family restaurant is the perfect place to come and enjoy some of the best oldschool-style pizza you could ever imagine tasting. A real treat. Order the hearty Six Meats pizza, which literally has six kinds of meaty toppings, or pig out on their Taco Pizza!

best pizza fort wayne

7. Casa! Ristorante

This local Italian chain has lots of delicious dishes on the menu, but the pizza is a real highlight. Their restaurants are friendly and have really great service. The second you walk in you’ll smell that wonderful scent of baking dough and molten cheese.

best pizza fort wayne

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