The 7 Best Pizzas in Havana

The 7 Best Pizzas In Havana

The best pizzas in Havana are a mixture of both traditional Italian pizza and the ever-famous Cuban pizza.

Even though the city offers a lot of other delectable culinary delights, Cuba’s capital city is brimming with great places to snag a quick piece of pizza before heading off to explore.

Ready to indulge? Here’s where you can find the seven best pizzas in Havana.

Best Pizzas in HavanaHow do these rankings work?

1. Bellaciao

Locals and tourists alike consistently rank Bellaciao as having some of the best pizzas in Havana, They also serve great pasta!

What makes this place so special is the fact that the ambience is quiet and the outdoor patio is surrounded by greenery. Head here on a nice sunny day and enjoy your pizza outdoors.

Where to Find Authentic Italian Pizza in Havana

2. La Mimosa

If you find yourself in Havana’s Chinatown, then you’re definitely going to want to stop off at La Mimosa for great pizza. Here, the pizzas feature a crunchy crust and the variety of pasta available add to the deliciousness of their entire menu.

Best Pizzas in Havana Cuba

3. Nero Di Seppia

Politicians, international diplomats, locals, and tourists all love Nero Di Seppia for its Haute Italian cuisine. The restaurant’s been around for 35 years, which means they’ve had a lot of time to perfect their recipes, especially when it comes to their pizzas.

The 7 Best Pizzas in Havana

4. Pizzas Pachy

Looking for the best Cuban pizzas in Havana? Head to the Vedado neighbourhood and start your search at Pizzas Pachy. 

This local pizza place is famous for serving up some of the best pizzas in Havana, and they just so happen to specialise in Cuban pizzas. With a spongy consistency and the ever-classic sweet tomato sauce, this place is a must if you really want to see what Cuban pizza culture is all about.

5. 5 Esquinas Trattoria

This is one of the more traditional Italian restaurants in Havana, which means they serve some of the best pizzas in Havana too. Here, they bake their pizzas in wood-fired ovens, which gives them an incredibly unique taste.

6. La Carboncita

What makes the pizzas at La Carboncita so special is the fact that they make them with fresh, local ingredients. Their thin-crust pizzas are to die for, but their entire menu is actually pretty delicious. 

Make it a point to stop here for pizza one day and then come back to try any of the other amazing dishes they have on their menu.

Wood Fired Oven Pizza in Havana

7. Mundo Pizza

At Mundo Pizza, you can order a large pizza that’ll serve the whole family. By large we mean that their pizzas can be as big as a metre long!

This is one of the best places for pizza in Havana if you’re travelling with a few friends or in a larger group. Order the metre-long pizza and share it with everybody in your party.

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