Trattoria Zucca Pizza in Kiev

The 7 Best Pizzas In Kyiv

While pizza may not be the first option for meals here in Kyiv, the pizza parlours they already have are fantastic and only getting better. The pizzas in Kyiv are made by passionate people that use Italian influences to help create their pies.

Check out the best places to grab some pizza in Kyiv.

The best places for pizza in KyivHow do these rankings work?

1. Il Molino

For some of the best Neapolitan pizza in Kyiv, Il Molino has got it. Here, the pizzas are just like they are in Naples – the dough is chewy but not hard and the ingredients are fresh and authentic.

If you are a Neapolitan-pizza purist, you’ll want to try their Margherita Pizza here.

Il Molino Kiev

2. Napule

Another pizza joint in Kyiv where the pizzas are made in a wood-fire oven is Napule. The pizza cook here is actually from Naples so you can have comfort in that he knows what he’s doing as all the ingredients are a direct import from Italy.

Their selection of over 20 pizzas are all great and fresh, so order whatever pizza you’re in the mood for here.

Napule Pizza Kiev

3. Veterano Pizza

Veterano Pizza is in a central location in Kyiv and is run by a few war veterans. While they might be a bit old, they know know to make some fantastic pies here and with indoor and outdoor seating, this place is a cozy spot for a pizza.

While you’re enjoying your pizza here, check out the war and military memorabilia on display here.

Veterano Pizza

4. Momento

Momento is a classic Italian restaurant that is great for families and people who love high-quality ingredients in their food. The ingredients are made fresh and come straight from Italy on a weekly basis.

Bring the family along to this cosy Italian restaurant for some great pizzas and fantastic family ambiance.

5. Trattoria Zucca

Another great Italian restaurant in Kyiv is Trattoria Zucca. Here, you will find large pizzas with tons of toppings on them as well as dietary-friendly options with gluten-free food here.

This Trattoria is another incredibly warm and friendly restaurant in Kiev where you can enjoy great vibes and better pizza.

Trattoria Zucca

6. Mimosa Brooklyn Pizza

For your New York-style pizza cravings, come to Mimosa Brookyln Pizza. This pizza shop makes their pies in a wood-fire oven and their pizzas feature a little secret ingredient: dipping sauce on the side!

If you’re just looking for that giant slice of pizza you love to fold to be able to eat it, Mimosa’s is your place.

Mimosa Brooklyn Pizza Kiev

7. Mama Mia Pizzeria

Mama Mia Pizzeria is a Kyiv institution when it comes to cosy pizza restaurants. They have a large selection of pizzas but locals come here for the create your own pizza option because of their traditional and funky ingredients.

For great pizzas that you can tailor to your tastes at very affordable prices, come to Mama Mia’s.

Mama Mia Pizzeria

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