The 7 Best Pizza In Lima

The 7 Best Pizzas In Lima

If you have a craving for a good, cheesy, and tasty pizza in Lima, you’ll be happy to know there are lots of great pizzerias. The pizza flavours here range from the usual suspects to those that infuse Peruvian ingredients to give it a local charm.

Check out the very best pizza parlours in Lima.

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1. Morelia

Morelia is a pizza joint that focuses on classic Italian pizzas while infusing Peruvian culture into their pies. Doing so, it helps to create some of the most interesting and flavourful pizzas in Lima.

Try the Limeña Pizza which includes Peruvian sausage and fried eggs.

Morelia Pizzeria

2. Mamma Lola

Mamma Lola is a pizza joint that is run by a local family and also makes some great Italian food. They too, also infuse Peruvian ingredients into their pizzas to create some unique pies.

Try their Ravenna Pizza which comes with peaches, pineapples, and ham.

Mamma Lola Pizza in Lima

3. Trattoria Pizzeria El Italiano

Trattoria Pizzeria El Italiano is, as the name suggests, an Italian pizzeria in Lima. This restaurant has a wonderful reputation in Lima for making some serious pies that are full of flavour.

For those looking for pizzas with high-quality ingredients, come to this charming Trattoria.

Trattoria Pizzeria El Italiano in Lima

4. Antica Pizzeria

Antica Pizzeria makes some of the best Italian-style pizzas in Lima. Complete with a wood-fire oven that cooks the pizzas in next to no time, this pizzeria specialises in thin-slice pizzas.

While it may not be the most filling pizza, the pies here are great for a mid-afternoon or late-night snack.

Antica Pizzeria in Lima

5. La Linterna

La Linterna is an institution when it comes to making pizzas in Lima as they have been open for almost 60 years! The pizzas here are a mix between two great pizza styles: Italian-style and New York-style pizzas.

Their immense popularity in Lima has led them to now having three separate branches in Lima.

La Linterna Pizzeria

6. Punto Italiano

Punto Italiano is another Italian-style pizza parlour in Lima that makes some great pies. Known for their large variety of pizzas on their menu, the pizzas here are also affordable and tasty.

Many locals claim this place to be the best pizzeria in Lima so give any one of their pizzas a try here.

Punto Italiano

7. Spizza

Spizza is another Naples-style pizza parlour in Lima and their specialty is of course, the Margherita Pizza. The wood-fire ovens here cook these magnificent pizzas that bring about a pizza that is fresh in taste with a thin crust and a rich, smokey flavour.

Know your role and get the Margherita Pizza here.

pizza in lima

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