Best Pizzerias in Medellin

The 7 Best Pizzas in Medellin

Pizza is so ubiquitous that you can find it in nearly every major city all around the world. Yes, there’s even tasty pizzas in Medellin, Colombia!

Medellin is famous for a lot of reasons, and while many people might not think that pizza is one of those, there are plenty of delicious pizza joints all over Colombia’s sprawling metro oasis that’ll satisfy your cravings if you’re there for a quick visit.

Even though there are a lot more than seven great pizza places in the city, here’s our list of the best pizzas in Medellin.

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1. El Graspo de Uva

If you find yourself exploring Parque Poblado, then you’re definitely going to need to make a pit stop at El Graspo de Uva. What doesn’t look like much on the outside is actually a quaint, high-quality Italian restaurant helmed by a man from Verona.

For a reasonable price, you can enjoy a delicious thin-crust pizza that tastes as it came straight out of an oven in an Italian home. 

Guests particularly love that the ambience is quiet and romantic, which makes this the top spot for pizza and a date in Medellin.

Best Pizzas in Medellin

2. Cafe Zorba

Yes, the number two spot goes to a cafe. We know, that sounds a bit weird, but trust us on this one, they’ve got some of the best pizzas in Medellin.

The thin-crusts pizza they offer to their guests is absolutely divine, and they’ve got a lot of vegetarian options too.

What really makes this pizzeria stand out, however, is the fact that the ceiling is covered in Colombian bamboo (Guadua), there’s patio seating available, and that the kitchen has an open-concept theme.

Authentic Italian Pizza in Medellin, Colombia

3. Opera Pizza

Opera Pizza is a lovely little spot in Laureles, one of the most beautiful neighbourhoods in Medellin. It’s also owned by four Italians, which means the pizza is about as authentic as it gets.

With over 20 different types of pizza on the menu, you’ll have your fair share of choices. However, this pizzeria specialises in made-to-order brick-oven pizzas as well, so you can add or subtract the ingredients you wish.

Hungry travellers like you note that they also loved the tiramisu, so be sure to save some room for dessert.

4. Ammazza Pizzeria & Gin Garden 

The thin-crust pizza here is pretty similar to the rest of the thin-crust pizzas in Medellin, which means it’s amazing (hence the name “ammazza”).

However, what really sets Ammazza apart from other local pizza places is the fact that they’ve got a gin bar. As a pioneer in the world of gin and tonics, Ammazza prepares lovely gin drinks for guests to enjoy with their pizza.

This pizzeria actually has three locations: two in El Poblado and one in Laureles. Guests note that the pizza is pretty consistent at each location, so you can bet you’ll be getting great food no matter which one you try.

Where to Find Pizza in Medellin

5. Pizzeria Olivia

What’s so special about Pizzeria Olivia is that there are nine locations all over Medellin. And, they’re not all located in the tourist areas of El Poblado and Laureles.

Where these thin-crust pizzas really shine is in whatever they put in their sauce. The taste is great, the consistency is perfect, and they seem to make their pizzas a little more “saucy” than other places in Medellin.

6. Pizzeria Centro

If you’re looking for a more authentic Colombian-Italian experience, then head to El Centro to try the pizza at Pizzeria Centro.

This hole-in-the-wall pizzeria might not look like much. But, once you walk past the doors you’re welcomed with the aroma of authentic Italian food and the open arms of local Colombians.

Because this restaurant isn’t too touristy, it’s a great place to mix and mingle with the locals while enjoying some of the best pizzas in Medellin. The owner, Rodrigo, was an apprentice under Giorgio Budicin who taught him how pizza’s really made in Italy.

7. Restaurante Toscano Trattoria e Pizzeria

The atmosphere at Toscano Trattoria e Pizzeria feels as if you’ve just stepped inside of a traditional trattoria in Italy. And, the food definitely doesn’t disappoint.

Toscano offers some of the best pizza in Medellin. But, they also have a pretty extensive menu of other delicious Italian dishes that you should try.

The outdoor seating here is a plus, especially considering that the weather in Medellin is great year-round.

Italian Trattoria in Medellin

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