The 7 Best Pizzas In Rome

The 7 Best Pizzas In Rome

While Naples might be historically known as the birthplace of pizza, Rome is nipping on its heels when it comes to delicious varieties. Traditional Roman-style pizza is thicker than Neapolitan, cooked in a square shape and served in slices eaten on the go.

Pizza tonda is the round, whole pizzas, which tend to have chewier crusts than their southern pies. In a city where you’ll find a pizzeria on pretty much every street, you need to be sure you’re eating only the best.

Consider this your slice-by-slice guide to the best pizza in Rome…

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1. La Gatta Mangiona

“The Hungry Cat” is a classic pizzeria with thin crust pies and a surprisingly great wine list for such an unassuming looking restaurant, with over 20 bottles to choose from. The menu changes daily but the premium quality of the ingredients is always the same.

La Gatta Mangiona Pizzeria

2. Pizzarium

Pizzarium is a famous takeaway joint where soft, doughy slices are cut with scissors and topped with delicious Italian ingredients. Slices are sold by weight and best eaten on the go. You won’t find many locals here, but that doesn’t take away from the simple fact that this is very good food.

Pizzarium In Rome

3. Ai Marmi

Officially called Pannatoni but known locally as Ai Marmi (‘the morgue’) for its long rows of marble tables. The pizzas here are perfectly crisp and come fired out of the wood burning oven at lightening speed. Order some suppli – fried rice balls – as a snack while you’re choosing which pizza to feast on.

Ai Marmi Pizzas In Rome

4. Emma

This upscale Roman restaurant serves delicious thin crust pizzas that outshine others in the city thanks to the attention to high quality toppings sourced from local delis, extra virgin olive oil and premium flour. The result? A simply stunning pizza.

Emma Pizzas In Rome

5. Antico Forno Roscioli

Just around the corner from Emma you’ll find this lovely family bakery that’s full of good things to eat, from bread and pastries to their irresistible pizza al taglio. The slices here are thinner than others you’ll find in the city, so make for the perfect snack.

Antico Forno Roscioli Pizzas

6. Sforno

Located right by Cinecittà, Rome’s historic film and television studios, this incredible pizza joint does pies with charred, chewy crusts in the Naples style. Choose from traditional Neapolitan toppings or their Roman inspirations such as a creamy Caccio e Pepe creation.

Sforno Pizzeria

7. Panificio Beti

This tiny bakery/grocery store in Monteverde neighbourhood is hugely popular with locals, who stop to pick up a slice of the Pizza Rosso while doing their grocery shopping. The pizza is cooked in the pan so the bottom fries slightly, while the rich tomato sauce is beautifully tangy.

Best pizza Rome

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