7 Best Pizzas In Santiago

The 7 Best Pizzas In Santiago

For the best pizzas in Chile, you will find some of the tastiest pies in Santiago. The parlours that offer pizza in Santiago all bring their unique Chilean flair to pizzas while some borrow and try to improve on current pizza-making styles.

Check out the very best pizzas in Santiago.

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1. Pizzería Tiramisú

No, they don’t have a tiramisu pizza here although it might not be the worst idea? What they do have are some of the best pies in Santiago in a setting that is lively and fun.

The pizzas here come loaded with cheese and after you’re done, indulge in a tiramisu dessert.

Pizzería Tiramisú In Santiago

2. Pizzeria La Argentina

Pizzeria la Argentina brings Argentinian flair to pizzas here in Santiago. This neighbouring South American country has a unique style to their pizzas and even have their own specialty pizza, the Fugazza.

If you come here, you best believe you must get the Fugazza pizza.

Pizzeria la Argentina in Santiago

3. Domani Pizzeria & Bar

Domani Pizzeria & Bar offers some amazing Italian-style pizzas in Santiago. Trained in the home of Italian pizza, Naples, the owners brought back their knowledge to Santiago to give an authentic Naples pizza experience in their backyard.

Expect a wood-fire oven pizza that is cheesy, gooey and delicious!

Domani Pizzeria & Bar In Santiago

4. Golfo di Napoli Trattoria e Pizzeria

The pizzas at Golfo di Napoli are actually stone-baked and include delicious portions of toppings. The owner is actually from Naples so you know he knows his stuff when it comes to making high-quality pizzas.

The frequent queues here lets you know you’re in the right place for some tasty pizzas.

Golfo di Napoli Trattoria e Pizzeria

5. La Finestra

La Finestra just might make the best pizzas in Santiago. This is not a repeat but the head pizza chef here is also from Naples and he has a wealth of experience there perfecting his pizza-making craft.

Try the Margherita Pizza here and it’ll taste just as good here as in Naples.

. La Finestra Pizza

6. Central Pizza

If you’re short on time and want a quick slice of pizza (and not a whole pie), come to Central Pizza. The pies are New York-style so expect to fold your pizzas as you eat them due to their big sizes.

The toppings here are plentiful and the dough is chewy. Get your favourite New York-style pizza here.

Central Pizza in Santiago

7. Tío Tomate

Tio Tomate serves up some of the more unique pizzas in Santiago thanks to their specialty, Avocado Pizza. They have other unique varieties as well but they are known for their delicious and somewhat healthy Avocado Pizza.

After mentioning it twice already, you must try their Avocado Pizza here at Tio Tomate.

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