7 of the best pizzas in Santorini

The 7 Best Pizzas In Santorini

Grabbing your favourite slice of pizza is pretty easy to do in Santorini. There are many places that have some excellent pizzas in Santorini, that you can either eat at the restaurant or eat it at the beach.

Wood-fired pies with local ingredients as toppings – what more could you need?

Here are the seven best places for pizza in Santorini.

Best places for pizza in SantoriniHow do these rankings work?

1. Il Forno

Il Forno serves arguably, the best pizza on Santorini. The long wait for tables at dinnertime is testament to the fact that everybody loves their pizzas!

A bonus of this place is that you can also get takeaway pizza; you can even get it by the slice instead of ordering the whole pizza here.

Il Forno Pizza

2. Sirocco

Sirocco has some of the best pizza on Perissa Beach that is a great snack after lounging at the beach all day. What’s great about their pizza is that it’s not so dense, and is more on the lighter and crispy side.

If you’re still not done at the beach, you can get takeaway pizza here and go back to the beach to enjoy it from there.

Sirocco Pizza

3. Terra Nera

Terra Nera is also another great place to grab a pizza and enjoy it on the beach. They specialize in Greek food and that influence spreads to their pizzas as well.

If you’re a fan of gooey cheese with every bite of your pizza, get their 4 Cheeses Pizza. It’s smothered in delicious mozzarella and gorgonzola.

Terra Nera

4. Pizza Edwin

Pizza Edwin is a family pizza place and is run by, you guessed it, Edwin. He is one of the nicest and friendliest restaurant owners on the island and will personally come to your table to ask you if everything is good with your pizza.

Since you’re in Santorini and seafood is a big deal here, try their Seafood Pizza.

Pizza Edwin

5. Tabasco

Tabasco will have a pizza for all different tastes. What’s great about Tabasco’s is that you can choose to eat your pizza here or if you feel like spending a night in your hotel, they also deliver and they deliver it fast!

Their most popular pizza here is their Greek Pizza which is actually a vegetarian pizza which tastes amazing


6. Noma Kuzina Mediterra

The Perissa Beach pizza hits just keep on coming, this time with Noma Kuzina. Here, you can enjoy a wide selection of pizzas and you don’t have to commit to just one pizza type as you can get a half and half pizza.

Try their Salcissia Pizza, take it with you on the go, and pull up on the beach and eat it there.

Noma Kuzina Mediterra

7. Convivium

Convivium is one of Santorini’s newer restaurants, but they have quickly established themselves of serving guests high-quality Mediterranean food. They also do pizza well here and their pizzas are created with an Italian influence.

Try their Margarita Pizza here which comes with a bit of a twist, with green peppers on the pizza as well.


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