The 7 Best Pizzas In Manhattan

The 7 Best Pizzas In Manhattan

Looking for the best pizzas in Manhattan? Outside of ItalyNew York pizza is regarded as some of the very best in the world.  Pizza in the United States has a long history – the first ever pizzeria was set up in Brooklyn in 1905, by Gennaro Lombardi.

Now, there’s so many styles of pizza in the USA: Neapolitan, Sicilian, New York, Connecticut, California, Detroit, St. Louis, bar pie, deep-dish, grandma… we could go on. But when it comes to some of the country’s very best pies,  Manhattan is where it’s at.

It’s a tough gig finding the borough’s best pies, but we’ve done it.

Best pizzas in ManhattanHow do these rankings work?

1. NY Pizza Suprema – Midtown

This beloved store was opened by Salvatore Riggio in 1964 and is still run today by his family. People come from all over the city to devour their delicious pies; with such crowds after more than half a century you know they must be doing something right.

NY Pizza Suprema

2. Artichoke Basille’s – Chelsea

Since opening their first store in New York City’s East Village in 2008, Artichoke Basille’s Pizza has expanded to twelve hugely successful locations across the country. Their truly unique famous creamy artichoke slices are like devouring a slice of paradise. Every single time you eat one it just seems to taste better and better.

pizzas Manhattan

3. Lombardi’s – NoLita

Lombardi’s dates all the way back to 1905, making it the first pizzeria in the United States. It’s still located in the Little Italy section of Manhattan, offering its beautiful, smoky-crusted coal oven baked pizza, topped with San Marzano tomato sauce, fresh mozzarella, and basil, keeping locals and visitors alike coming back.

Lombardi’s Pizzeria

4. My Pie Pizzeria Romana – Midtown East

The pizza dough is a special mix of flours from Rome with no extra sugar,  meaning it takes over 48 hours to prove. The top and bottom of the pizza cook at different temperatures to ensure this truly unique and miraculous tasting pizza. You can’t live in or visit New York and not try a slice here.

My Pie Pizzeria Romana in Manhattan

5. John’s of Bleecker St. – Greenwich Village

Founded in 1929 by Italian immigrant John Sasso, this place has remained true to its roots by serving proper Italian style pizza with a New York twist. The room is always buzzing and full of characters and you just know that tens-of-thousands of people have sat here enjoying their pizza, just as much as you are, over the years.

John’s of Bleecker St. Pizzeria

6. Motorino – East Village/Upper West Side

This stylish pizzeria with two Manhattan locations (and one in Brooklyn) does perfectly thin and crispy pizzas, with a range of gourmet toppings. Controversial, but the Brussel Sprout pizza is a must-try: Fior Di Latte, Brussels Sprouts, Pancetta, Garlic and Pecorino.

Motorino Pizzas in Manhattan
Image: alwaysbrunching/Instagram

7. Prince Street Pizza – NoLita

Famed for its Detroit-style square pies and Grandma slices, you can’t go wrong with a Prince Perfection Pie, Mercer Margherita Pie -thin Crust or Broadway Breadcrumb Pie.

But look, if you really want the full Prince Street Pizza experience then you need to order the Spicy Spring with fresh mozzarella, and small, crispy pepperonis. Just LOOK at that thick crust and oozing cheese…

Prince Street Pizza

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