Whitt's BBQ in Decatur

The 7 Best Places for BBQ in Decatur

Decatur, Alabama (not to be confused with a city of the same name in Georgia) is home to some of the best food in the state. More specifically, you’ll find fantastic places for BBQ in Decatur, Alabama.

It’s no surprise that the barbecue scene here is strong, so here’s our top picks…

Best Places for BBQ in Decatur, AlabamaHow do these rankings work?

1. Smokey C’s Barbeque & Wings

Smokey C’s Barbeque & Wings is only open for lunch but they just might be the locals’ favorite joint for best BBQ in town. People here love the freshness of their spice-rubbed meats including their ribs and chicken! Be sure to swing by for lunch here and taste what the locals love the most here at Smokey C’s.

Smokey C's BBQ & Wings

2. Moe’s Original Barbeque

If you’ve heard of the name Moe’s Original Barbeque before, it’s because they are a well-known chain serving up some of the best BBQ in the USA. At their Decatur location, they focus on Alabama-style pulled pork that is juicy and well seasoned. Locals and tourists alike love it here for their friendly and down to earth atmosphere as well.

Moe's Original BBQ in Decatur

3. Scruggs Barbeque

The Southern USA knows best how to cook up the best BBQ and Scruggs Barbeque is no different. If you’re looking for authentic, Southern BBQ, you’ll want to try the mouth-watering ribs and beef brisket here.

Scruggs BBQ in Decatur

4. Big Bob Gibson Barbeque

Big Bob Gibson Barbeque is one the most legendary spots in Decatur for your BBQ fill. Everyone loves Big Bob Gibson’s because of the fresh quality of their meats to go along with the rich and smokey flavor. Many people in Decatur say this is the best spot for BBQ!

Big Bob Gibson BBQ in Decatur

5. B.B. Perrins Sports Grille

B.B. Perrins Sports Grille serves up a wide variety of food but their best just might be their BBQ. Pull up here with some of your buddies and enjoy their wings and beans while watching the big game here at B.B. Perrins.

B.B. Perrins Sports Grille

6. LawLers Barbeque

If you’re craving for some of the best St. Louis-style ribs in Alabama, LawLers has you covered. They have some excellent and tasty pulled pork here as well as their infamous pork potatoes. *drools*

LawLers BBQ in Decatur

7. Whitt’s Barbeque

Whitt’s Barbeque is a local chain of BBQ restaurants in Decatur that serves up some fine-tasting BBQ. Their hickory-smoked meats are an instant classic here and is why people keep coming back here for more. If the smokiness from the hickory isn’t enough, be sure to try their handful of sauces.

Whitt's BBQ in Decatur

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