The 7 Best Coffee In San Diego

The 7 Best Coffee Shops In San Diego

What many people may not know is that San Diego has a very hip and quickly growing coffee culture. They have a few shops that have been open for awhile but there are new shops that are opening frequently to provide more options for coffee in San Diego.

These are just seven of the best places for your favourite brew in San Diego.

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1. James Coffee Co.

James Coffee Co. is one of the most interesting coffee shops you’ll ever walk in to. Come to this place for some great local coffee and then get your hair cut right after that here or perhaps, do some shopping as well.

This multi-faceted coffee shop does espresso well so get that or one of their specialty coffees, the Mexican Mocha.

coffee in san diego

2. Heartwork Coffee Bar

Heartwork Coffee Bar roasts some of the best coffees in San Diego with beans sourced from Africa and South America. They care about people’s dietary restrictions here as they serve non-dairy milk options as well as vegan treats.

They are known for their Chai Latte here so definitely get that while you’re here.

Heartwork Coffee Bar

3. Bird Rock Coffee Roasters

Bird Rock Coffee Roasters is a local roastery whose beans have reached cult-like status and is available everywhere in San Diego. However, you must come to the original store for a cup of coffee at this homey cafe.

Can’t go wrong with their house blend coffee and if you like it, grab a bag of beans on your way out.

Bird Rock Coffee Roasters in San Diego

4. Holsem Coffee

Holsem Coffee is a chic coffee shop in San Diego that boasts an open and modern design for a relaxing coffee-drinking experience. From the design of the store, to the high quality of the coffees, Holsem Coffee cares about the details.

For something completely different, give their Matcha Mint Latte a try and pair it with one of their health-conscious pastries (gluten-free options as well).

Holsem Coffee

5. Communal Coffee

Communal Coffee is another trendy coffee spot in San Diego that makes some great coffees in a very chill atmosphere. They really care about coffee + flowers as shown by the huge mural in the store and flowers are displayed throughout the store.

Grab a house roast blend here and wait in line to take a picture in front of the Coffee + Flowers mural. Put that on Instagram if that’s your thing.

Communal Coffee in San Diego

6. Lofty Coffee Little Italy Cafe and Bakery

Lofty Coffee has a few locations but the best one is in Solano Beach, just outside of San Diego. This coffee shop has the vibes of this laid-back beach town with its modern and airy indoor space and a relaxing patio area.

Lofty Coffee neatly services both sides of this corner city block. Get a coffee and one of their amazing pastries and sit down in this breezy coffee shop.

Lofty Coffee Little Italy Cafe and Bakery

7. Cafe Moto

Cafe Moto serves some of the best in-house roasted beans in San Diego in this rustic, wood-inspired coffee shop. The cafe area itself doesn’t have a lot of seating but if you don’t mind, grab your coffee and meander your way to the back where there is a decent-sized shop area.

For a smooth and strong kick to start your day, give their Cortado a try. An espresso drink that includes steamed milk.

Cafe Moto

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