The 7 Best Pizzas In Honolulu

The 7 Best Pizzas In Honolulu

There are lots of fantastic restaurants that serve great things to eat here, including some exotic foods. But one thing that this dreamy island also excels in is pizza – Honolulu pizza is some of the best in Hawaii.

Come check out the seven best places for pizza in Honolulu.

The best places for pizza in HonoluluHow do these rankings work?

1. Big Kahuna’s Pizza

Big Kahuna’s Pizza has been serving up pies on the island for close to 30 years. They’re known in Honolulu for having the highest quality and freshest ingredients in their pies and they make their pizzas large and with thick crusts.

Due to the freshness of all their ingredients, a popular order here is their Create Your Own pizza which you can get in 7-inch or 12-inch sizes.

pizza in honolulu

2. Amina Pizzeria

Amina Pizzeria is one of the go-to pizza spots for locals in Honolulu. The pizzas here are deliciously dangerous with their heaps of cheese and more than reasonable prices for their pies. The vibe here is definitely local and unlike the fancy and trendy restaurants downtown.

If you love (LOVE) cheese, try their All Cheese pizza or give their All Meat pizza a go.

Amina Pizzeria

3. J.J. Dolan’s

J.J. Dolan’s is actually an Irish pub that makes drool-worthy New York-style pizzas. According to legend, their dough is folded with a pinch of Guinness beer but what is 100% fact is that the crusts come out thin and crispy and they really pack on the toppings.

Try the Giacomo pizza here, which has a variety of meats on it.

J.J. Dolan's Honolulu

4. Bar 35

Bar 35 is another place where you might not think you’ll get a good slice of pizza, but you’re dead wrong! At this bar, that also serves over 200 beers, you can get amazing hand-made pizzas that are made with fresh ingredients.

For those with adventurous tastes, try their tasty Smokey Heaven pizza. A bit different with smoked salmon, capers, onions and cheeses but delicious nonetheless!

Bar 35 in Honolulu

5. Proof Public House

Proof Public House is the closest thing you’ll get to a dive bar in Honolulu but they serve some insanely good, unique, and experimental pies here. The perfect time to come here is late at night after you’ve had a few beverages and need some greasy pizza to help soak up all that alcohol.

Give their Fried Rice Pizza (yes, Fried Rice) a try here. This Asian-inspired pie has kimchi, sausage, peas, carrots and more packed all packed on this pizza.

Proof Public House Pizzas

6. Brick Fire Tavern

Brick Fire Tavern is located in Chinatown and makes some of the best Neapolitan-style pizzas on the island. These pizzas are made fresh in a wood-fire oven that gets up to 900 degrees! The pies use local and Italian-imported ingredients.

Try their Prosciutto e Rucola pizza for one of the best Neapolitan-style pizzas you’ll ever have!

Brick Fire Tavern Pizzas

7. Sophie’s Gourmet Hawaiian Pizzeria

At Sophie’s Gourmet Hawaiian Pizzeria you get just that: gourmet pizzas made from scratch and with love. People here love the Build Your Own option as there are tons of different and fresh ingredients to choose from to go on your pies.

If the create your own pie is a bit too overwhelming for you, try the Sophie’sticated pie. It has a few different cheeses, salami, tomatoes, arugula, and truffle oil. Gourmet at its finest!

Sophie's Gourmet Hawaiian Pizzeria in Honolulu

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