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The 7 Best Sandwiches In Toronto

We’re constantly craving one of these hefty Toronto sandwiches – what better way to indulge in comfort food than to enjoy a nice, hearty sambo?

Good news for you. Toronto has plenty of places that serve up some of the tastiest and unique sandwiches in the nation.

Discover some of the best sandwiches here.

The 7 Best Sandwiches in TorontoHow do these rankings work?

1. Beach Hill Smokehouse

This place is a meat lovers heaven.

Looking to indulge in a pork brisket sandwich drenched in mouth-watering sauce? The Beach Hill Smokehouse serves The Austin Sandwich, one of the finest and sloppiest pork sandwich you can get your hands on in the city.

Beach Hill Smokehouse

2. Maha’s

Hard to believe it when we say the Mind-Blowing Chicken sandwich at Maha’s will leave you speechless, but it does!

This sandwich packs the flavour and the chicken. So much chicken that you won’t be able to see the bottom of your bun. Check the picture!

Toronto sandwiches

3. PG Clucks

There aren’t many sandwiches out there that will leave a sweet yet spicy feeling in your mouth. PG Clucks’ Jalapeno and Honey Fried Chicken sandwich will do just that.

With a mouth-watering patty of sweet chicken flanked on both sides by jalapenos, this sandwich strikes the right balance.

PG Clucks Sandwiches in Toronto

4. Porchetta & Co.

For the best pork sandwich in town, the easy answer is the Porchetta sandwich at Porchetta & Co.

If you’re not feeling the pork, chow down on the OG Fried Chicken sandwich and pair it with a beer.

Porchetta & Co in Toronto

5. Sanremo Bakery

Patrons come to Sanremo Bakery for the Muffuletta. A specialty sandwich from our friends in the South, New Orleans, the Muffuletta is the sandwich version of a charcuterie board.

Different cuts of cold meats and cheese fill in the inside while the olives and jalapenos are baked into the bread.

Sanremo Bakery Sandwiches

6. Tenoch

If you’re a fan of layers and layers of good stuff in your sandwich, the winner is the Tenoch Torta sandwich.

At this Mexican locale, expect to find pastrami, egg, beans, avocado, hot dogs, and MORE in this epic sandwich.

Tenoch Sandwich

7. When the Pig Came Home

Meat lovers will rejoice at this hip sandwich place that features fresh ingredients and locally sourced products.

The go-to at this place is their Smoked Meat sandwich. Smoked meat, mustard, soft bread and some pickles. That’s it.

When the Pig Came Home Sandwich

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