Seafood Restaurants In Stockholm

The 7 Best Seafood Restaurants In Stockholm

Swedish seafood is some of the best in Europe, with an exciting blend of Nordic cuisine with other European influences. So, naturally we set out to discover the best seafood restaurants in Stockholm.

From traditional tourists spots that are actually the real deal to tucked away little neighbourhood gems with the freshest fish, this is one city that seafood lovers will be very happy in.

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1. Sturehof

When it comes to seafood restaurants in Stockholm, Sturehof is a legendary institution. It serves up Swedish cuisine with international influences, and some of the best fish in the city. Menu highlights to look forward to include Sotare (grilled Baltic Herring), strömming (small fried Baltic herring), and turbot with browned butter.

It’s a seafood lover’s absolute dream!

2. Wedholms Fisk

Delicacies from the sea of the highest quality are served at Wedholms Fisk on Nybrokajen wharf. This gourmet restaurant, which has won an array of honors over the years, is one of the few pure seafood restaurants in Stockholm. The restaurant was founded by the legendary restaurateur Bengt Wedholm.

There’s an entire seafood menu (but you must pre-book) with dishes such as a huge seafood platter. On it is shrimps, crab, oysters, langoustines, mussels, and a ½ Swedish, Scottish or Irish lobster.

3. Stockholm Fisk

This might seem like a tourist spot (it’s right be central station) but Stockholm Fisk serves up carefully selected fish, shellfish, oysters and mussels 365 days a year. The menu here is an exciting fusion, with starters such as a mini taco with tuna, avocado compote and chilli.

For mains, feast on herb & garlic grilled seabass or the catch of the day with brown butter.

4. Sushi Sho

A small sushi restaurant that is a world class experience form the second you walk in the door. To say you are in the hands of masters would be the understatement of the year.

Their knowledgeable staff will talk your through the menu and offering up saki pairings that bring the food to life perfectly. This is quite simply some of the most exceptional sushi you will ever taste in your life.

Seafood Restaurants In Stockholm

5. Rökeriet Fjäderholmarna

Located on Fjäderholmarna, Stockholms closest Archipelago island, Rökeriet serves Swedish classics and seafood staples. It’s a great place to escape and get a small sample taste of the Archipelago, with just a 20-minute boat ride from central Stockholm.

Seafood Restaurants In Stockholm

6. Lisa Elmqvist

Since 1926, Lisa Elmqvist has been a restaurant associated with first-class fish and seafood. Located in the beautiful Östermalmshallen food hall, the restaurant supplies patrons with well-prepared food made from delicacies from the sea. There is also a wine bar and a deli shop.

Seafood Restaurants In Stockholm

7. Göteborg

Seasonal and fresh food served in a great setting at the waterfront of Hammarby Sjöstad. The menu at Göteborg (the restaurant, that is) is in constant flux, but with an affinity for delicious seafood. And just like the town of Göteborg, you can reach it either by boat or tram.

Seafood Restaurants In Stockholm

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