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The 7 Best Steaks In Bangkok

Nothing beats a night out at a great steak house; the good news is that the steak in Bangkok is some of the best you’ll eat. Big, juicy and oh-so tasty.

With such endless choice and so many world-class options, we decided to pick the best of the best, with seven must-visit places in the city.

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1. Le Cochon Blanc

Le Cochon Blanc is a “live fire” BBQ restaurant, where you’re greeted with a huge fire pit as soon as you enter the restaurant. The grilled meats here are outstanding, with consistently delicious steak.

Cuts of Australian Wagyu prime rib, striploin or Black Angus hangar steaks are smoked over the grill for intense flavour.

2. El Gaucho Argentinian Steakhouse

They import the very best steak from both Australia and the USA and serve it up in a very classic manner with some amazing sauces to compliment it.

You will want to make sure you come with a serious appetite because the portions are massive. They cook up high-quality, natural Prime Black Angus US grain fed, Australian Black Angus grass fed, and Pure Blood Australian Wagyu.

3. Primal Modern Grill

They are all about flame grilling and giving the meat a wonderful smokey taste while keeping it remarkably tender. They really elevate the art of cooking a steak to a whole new level.

Add in some of their wonderful house sauces, a top quality wine list and some of the friendliest staff in the business and this place quite simply has it all.

4. Le Boeuf

The focus on doing three things really well here and those are steak, sauce and fries. The sauce is a secret recipe and what really brings the whole experience together.

Waiting staff will bring you as many fries as you want and once you get dunking them into that sauce with the slivers of perfectly cooked steak you will be in no rush to leave. Sublime.

best steak Bangkok

5. Cocotte Farm Roast and Winery

Cocotte is a beautiful mix of organic farm products, all carefully selected, and a rural chic atmosphere in the heart of Bangkok.

They specialise in roast meats, but the steak is very much the king of the menu and not to be missed. As soon as you have your first bite you will find yourself planning your next visit. A world-class dining experience on every single level.

best steak Bangkok

6. CHAR Bangkok

They offer a large selection of different cuts to choose from and the staff will helpfully walk you through the menu, including the various ideal wine pairings. Once you taste that first mouthful of steak you simply won’t believe it.

It’s incredibly juicy and full of rich flavour.

best steak Bangkok

7. Artur Steak

After running some very successful hotel restaurants, owner Artur Kluczewski packed up all his secrets and opened up his own place. The result? A restaurant that offers the same tableside carving, high-end beef as Michelin star restaurants but with an extra personal touch. 

Get ready for some of the best steak in Bangkok.

best steak Bangkok

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