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The 7 Best Steaks In Kuala Lumpur

Nothing beats a night out at a great steak house; the good news is that the steak in Kuala Lumpur is some of the best you’ll eat. Big, juicy and oh-so tasty.

With such endless choice and so many world-class options, we decided to pick the best of the best, with seven must-visit places in the city.

Best steak in Kuala LumpurHow do these rankings work?

1. Vantador

They call themselves a “Dry Aged Steak Boutique”. It is hard to argue with that lofty title when you taste their meat for the first time.

They handle the meat with the utmost respect: putting huge pride into only sourcing the very best and ageing it to perfection. All you have to do is sit back into their comfortable chairs and enjoy one of the best steaks you will ever have.

steak kuala lumpur

2. The Beato Dry Aged Steakhouse

They place huge emphasis on the sourcing of the best possible meat from around the world and then hang and dry age it themselves to perfection. Most people think as steak is cooked in a couple of minutes, but the process in this great establishment takes weeks.

The end result is a steak that is epic in terms of flavour, beautifully presented and which is so tender it could be cut with a spoon.

steak kuala lumpur

3. Marble 8 Steak House & Fine Dining

Dry aged beef, views of the KL skyline and whiskey and cigars make this one of the best spots for steak in Asia. Marble 8 is a charming dining experience. They dry age their fine cut steaks in a custom built cellar for up to 21 days and are bursting with flavour.

Cuts include Wagyu Tenderloin, Tomahawk and a juicy cajun Ribeye.

steak kuala lumpur

4. Brasserie Fritz

A lovely relaxed ambience where the staff immediately put you at ease and let you focus on the food and savouring the overall experience.

After you settle in with one of their house cocktails (an absolute must!) you can tuck into one of the best steaks in the city that is seriously complimented by their outrageously good home cut fries. A top spot for steaks in Asia.

5. Maria’s Steak Cafe

Maria’s motto is simple: “to provide a wholesome dining experience by serving simply good food from start to end.” There’s nothing fancy here, just amazing quality beef cooked to perfection. The Wagyu and Angus meat is grilled with high heat, seared and nicely charred for full flavour.

Easily one of the best steaks in Asia.

6. N97

This popular steakhouse in Bangsar is another top spot to get some of the best steak in Kuala Lumpur. N97 has an extensive steak menu of delicious cuts, but their essential dish is the juicy Tomahawk.

Order this to share with some King Gambas on the side and you’ll be in foodie heaven.

7. Prime

Prime is ideal for special occasions: this swanky restaurant is at Le Meridien KL and has won countless awards for its quality dishes. The steak is a real highlight, with premium cuts from Australia and Japan.

For a succulent feast, try the Wagyu Picanha served with Béarnaise sauce and confit Cajun potato.

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