The 7 Best Steaks In Oslo

The 7 Best Steaks In Oslo

The best steaks in Oslo are as good as – if not better – than any you would eat in a famous Parisian bistro or London eatery.

If you consider the quality of their chefs, the amazing raw ingredients available and the stunning locations of Norway’s top restaurants, it’s no surprise to see dining reach such new heights in Oslo.

We’ve rounded up the very best steaks in the country for a juicy meat feast… Dig in!

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1. Trancher Entrecôte

You’ll find this top-end steakhouse at Thorvald Meyers gate. They put so much love and care into the sourcing of their beef, as well as cooking it to absolute perfection. There’s just three cuts to choose from, and each piece just melts in the mouth.

Trancher Entrecôte Steaks In Oslo

2. Rorbua Aker Byrgge

Open since 1990, Rorbua has a warm and intimate atmosphere and a cosy decor that’s inspired by the Norwegian coast and fishing villages. As you might expect, the gourmet menu has plenty of fresh seafood, as well as classic dishes such as cured cod, bacalao and whale meat, but it’s the reindeer steak that’s a real must-try.

It’s served with Brussels sprouts, bacon, portobello lobster, wild sauce and cranberries.

Rorbua Aker Byrgge Steaks In Oslo

3. St. Lars

This Bislett bistro has an open charcoal grill, a meat slicer and a love for great ingredients, which you can taste in every mouthful. The steaks come in a range of deliciously tender cuts and are served with rosemary and buttery Bernaise sauce to dip your fries into.

St. Lars Steaks In Oslo

4. Hereford Steakhouse

As the name suggests, this classic steakhouse serves Hereford beef, one of the world’s best beef cattle breeds, as well as the sought-after Aberdeen Angus meat. The beef is perfectly juicy and tender and the side dishes are delicious. Plus, it’s right on the banks of the Akerselva River, so the views are just as great.

Hereford Steakhouse In Oslo

5. Atlas Brasserie 

This lovely brasserie in the Amerikalinjen hotel serves breakfast, brunch, lunch and dinner, and has pretty tables in Amerikalinjen’s covered courtyard, Haven. They do an incredible entrecote or Tomahawk for two, with a side order of bone marrow, aka the most heavenly meaty-butter.

Atlas Brasserie 

6. Bølgen & Moi – Briskeby

This stylish bar and brasserie is in an old transformer station with 12-metre ceilings that provide a unique atmosphere. The restaurant serves everything from oven-baked pizza to five-course meals. In particular, their steak is absolutely outstanding; it comes with a creamy green pepper sauce and new potatoes.

Best steaks Oslo

7. Restaurant KöD

A steak-lover’s dream, they take care of the smallest details here to ensure your steak tastes perfect every single time. Every steak is prepared on the grill, seasoned with sea salt, their own pepper blend, and brushed with rosemary butter before being served with a carrot purée.

Choose from a Chateaubriand to share, Grade 6 Wagyu beef or a juicy ribeye.

Restaurant KöD

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