The Best Burgers In Denmark

The 25 Best Burgers In Denmark

The simple hamburger is easily one of the tastiest creations in the world; juicy, meaty and always reliable, it’s a relief for fellow greedy guts to know that the burgers in Denmark are some of the best in Europe.

From the huge and monstrous burgers packed with toppings; street vendors cooking up simple patties right through to fine dining restaurants with their gourmet take on this American snack, we’ve come up with a list that has something for everybody.

All you need to do now is hit those beautiful roads and start eating. Think of it as a road trip feast…

The Best Burgers In DenmarkHow do these rankings work?

25th. Holy Cow – Aalberg

Holy Cow burgers will make you say ‘Holy Cow!’ when you taste them: they make the burgers from scratch with homemade buns, delicious, juicy beef and even homemade pickles. With toppings such as chipotle salsa and crispy serrano ham, there’s a creation for all tastes.

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The Best Burgers In Denmark

24th. Kødstadens Burger Joint – Aarhus

This burger joint goes above and beyond when it comes to premium ingredients. All their beef comes from local suppliers, and they even smoke their own bacon in-house. Burgers are dripping with juice and flavour, and come topped with lettuce, onion, tomato, pickled cucumbers, mayo, ketchup and sweet mustard.

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The Best Burgers In Denmark

23rd. The Burger – Multiple

Starting off in 2012, The Burger now has nine restaurants across Denmark. Lucky Danish we say, because the burgers here are delicious. All burgers are perfectly cooked medium-rare, with unique toppings. Think: truffle mayo, fresh buffalo mozzarella or parmesan. There’s also chicken and grilled salmon burgers too.

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The Best Burgers In Denmark

22nd. Slid’r Burgers & Cocktails – Sønderborg

The concept of sliders is probably one of the best burger ideas there is – why have just one burger when you can have three?! At Slid’r Burgers you can dig into two or three different burgers and wash them down with a well-shaken cocktail or specialty beer. The perfect combination in our eyes.

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The Best Burgers In Denmark

21st. Haché Gourmet Burger – Copenhagen

At Haché Gourmet Burgers, all dressings are homemade, the beef is organic and the sesame buns are baked by an Italian bakery. You can’t ask for much better than that, so it’s no wonder they’re some of the best burgers in Denmark.

And yes, they do taste just as delicious as they look.

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The Best Burgers In Denmark

20th. MASH – Charlottenlund

MASH stands for Modern American Steak House, and as the name suggests, it’s about steaks. There’s porterhouse steaks and the exclusive kobe beef, so rest assured that somewhere this passionate about meat does an amazing burger. Their signature burger comes with bacon and chilli fries.

The Best Burgers In Denmark

19th. Havnens Perle – Aarhus

‘The Pearl of the Habour’ is famous for its towering, overflowing feast of a burger. You’ll find Denmark’s best ‘bøfsandwich’ (burger with gravy) at the waterfront, where this local favourite restaurant has resided since 1962. You’ll want to come with a serious appetite for this one.

The Best Burgers In Denmark
Image: @tjekplus/Instagram

18th. Sliders – Copenhagen

The idea behind this hip and popular eatery is simple: the burgers should be eatable with only one hand. Good things come in small packages, right? This is the perfect spot to try a range of different creations rather than a single full-size burger.

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The Best Burgers In Denmark

17th. Molotov – Burger & Cocktails – Odense

If you’re in the mood for a tasty burger and fine cocktails, then Molotov is the place to come. With funky names such as the Firestarter (spicy jalapeno alert!) and Dr. Disrespect (double Danish beef with lettuce, pickles, red onion and our special home made dressing), you’ll easily find a feast here.

The Best Burgers In Denmark

16th. Flip The Burger – Kolding

Expect chilled vibes and a great space to come and hang out with friends at Flip The Burger. One bite and you’ll soon see these are some of the best burgers in Denmark. Super hungry? You simply can’t ignore the Big Flip: it’s 300g of prime beef with three pieces of cheese.

The Best Burgers In Denmark

15th. Grillen Burgerbar – Copenhagen

Grillen Burger specialises in juicy burgers with good ingredients that won’t break the bank. Go for the Pablo: a cheeseburger with salad, pickled red onions, spicy cheese bombs & Grillen’s Mayo, and be sure to try one of their shakes.

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The Best Burgers In Denmark

14th. Chicago Burger – Odense

Chicago Burger knows that when it comes to the tastiest burgers you can make, it’s all down to quality ingredients. So all the beef here is delivered fresh every morning from the best Danish farms that support animal welfare. Sauces are homemade and the result? Sheer perfection, every time.

Image: @

13th. Halifax Burger – Copenhagen

Halifax have been in the burger game for 10 years (and have seven locations in Copenhagen), so you can be sure they’re serious burger experts. Meat patties are juicy and tender, the buns are always fresh and the range of toppings is truly superb.

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12th. Jettes Diner – Svendborg

This is American-style diner food but better than you could ever imagine. Try their classic burger with cheese (and more cheese!), or go for their menu of Mexican burgers with tomato, cucumber, onion, jalapenos, guacamole and their own super salsa. Add on crispy bacon or serrano ham for a huge feed.

Image: @mycrownstudio/Instagram

11th. Burgerkilden – Roskilde

Burgerkilden has a great selection of inventive burgers. Our picks? Go for the BBQ burger with cheddar cheese, smoked barbecue sauce, onion rings and salsa, or one of their rotating specials. Whatever you do order, you can’t go far wrong.

10th. Fox and Hounds – Sønderberg

Fox and Hounds is a classic Scottish-style gastropub with a tasty pub grub menu of all your favourites. Wash them down with their large selection of beer from barrel or bottle as well as many different whiskies and cocktails. You will be leaving with a big smile on your face.

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9th. Cocks & Cows – Copenhagen

With everything from the traditional Cheese’n’Smoke to the almighty Governator, Cock’s & Cows has a burger for everyone. They’ve even got vegetarian and vegan burger alternatives, so you’ve no excuse for not stopping by.

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8th. Burger Boom – Aarhus

Burger Boom is no doubt one of the best burgers in Denmark. Their ‘farm to table’ concept means the ingredients are outstanding, with a creative menu to boot. Burgers come served medium, and the meat is incredibly juicy and flavourful. There’s also a tender Southern fried chicken burger in a crispy panko crust!

7th. Stacy’s Diner – Køge

Step back in time to a Rockabilly vibe and authentic diner-style American eats. As you see the waitress approaching your table with the delicious greasy burgers and rich milkshakes.

Try their famous Monster Truck burger: two beef patties, two slices of cheddar cheese, bacon, onion, béarnaise dressing,  tomato, lettuce, red onion, mayo with assorted spices, pickles, and crispy fried onions.

6th. Jagger Fast Food – Copenhagen

Jagger proves that you don’t need to spend big bucks for high quality burgers. The concept at Jagger is crystal-clear; fast food with high quality, but with reasonable prices.

It’s the brainwave of former Michelin-chef, Rasmus Oubæk, also known as Copenhagen’s “King of Bernaise”, who has brought his foodie talent to the humble burger. Their signature free-range beef patty comes with melted Irish Cheddar.

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5th. Bronx Burger Bar – Roskilde

Bronx Burger Bar is where you go if you want a filling and delicious burger. You can even tell the chef how you would like your patty cooked, too. There’s all sorts of tempting toppings you can add on, from chilli cheese nuggets to Jack Daniel’s BBQ sauce.

Their burger is huge, meaty and bursting full of delicious toppings and sauces.

4th. Tommi’s Burger Joint – Copenhagen

This burger joint is an institution for locals in the hip meatpacking district. Nothing beats hanging out here with a few good friends, stacking up on burgers and fries. The burger joint fits perfectly with the Meatpacking District – hip, stylish and super satisfactory.

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3rd. Burger Anarchy – Odense

In this innovative burger joint, there are no rules – expect unusual ingredients that will blow your mind. There’s wild boar meat with spices, palm of heart, and Applewood cheddar. But for a burger you’ll need to really tackle, order the Burgernator: it’s a huge 720g of beef with bacon, smoked cheddar and all the trimmings.

2nd. The Burger Shack – Aarhus

The Burger Shack offers a unique taste experience with their tasty and award-winning burgers, parmesan and thyme french fries and their deep-fried chicken. But it’s all about those burgers in our mind – they’re made from scratch with fresh ingredients, Danish free-range cattle and homebaked buns. Simply delicious.

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1st. Gasoline Grill – Copenhagen

These guys are winning awards left, right and centre for their burgers around the world and it’s not hard to see why. Epic levels of tastiness. The burgers are handground in-house daily, with crinkle fries golden and crispy and organic ingredients. Don’t let the line outside put you off – it moves quick, and these burgers are worth the wait.

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