New Austin Powers Hotel

This New Austin Powers Hotel Is London’s Grooviest Place To Stay

Could this be the grooviest hotel in London? A former 1970s council office building has been restored for The Standard’s first hotel outside America, and it’s got serious Austin Powers vibes.

Opening in July 2019, The Standard in London has 266 rooms, a bar, recording studio, and three restaurants – one on the rooftop. The colourful rooms and red telephone box lift are just some of the highlights.

Take the fire-red lift to the 10th floor for live fire cooking and the building’s 360-degree views of London

Now this groovy. Hop into the exterior lift to Chef Peter Sanchez-Iglesias’ restaurant for some delicious food and drinks. The views of the city are an extra bonus, but the lift itself is key.

Austin Powers Hotel

Austin Powers Bar

Suites have outdoor bathtubs overlooking St Pancras International station

Bedrooms range from £150 to over £1,000 per night. Expect emperor-size beds, fancy linens, fluffy pillows, bespoke robes, a Bang & Olufsen Bluetooth Speaker, and more.

Staying alone? You’ll be booking the Single, so. Everything in your private pad is within arm’s reach and easy to use, designed so you won’t even have to get out of bed. Perfect.

bedroom In Austin Powers Hotel

And there’s also windowless ‘Cosy Core’ rooms

Who needs windows when you’ve got access to a place where you can have a lose-track-of-time late night? Shawn Hausman, the Los Angeles designer of The Standard’s interiors, told The Guardian that this would be illegal in the U.S – but that in London there was ‘a great opportunity to exceed expectations of what a windowless room could be’.

Windowless Room

This new hotel is pretty tame compared to the NYC flagship

The Standard hotel in New York is known for being a raunchy hot spot for the young and beautiful to party it up. Room prices are listed on the restaurant’s dessert menu, as with condoms and painkillers in the room itself.

Although, looking up to see a stranger bathing naked on their suite terrace is hardly tame. London’s new hottest thing? As Austin Powers says, we don’t kiss and tell.

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