7 Things To Know About TSA PreCheck

TSA PreCheck is a US government program that allows certain travellers to pass through an expedited security system at the airport. If you’ve ever had to wait hours in line just to go through security, then this might sound extremely attractive to you.

In July 2019, reports showed that 93% of TSA PreCheck passengers took less than five minutes to pass through the TSA security checkpoint at American airports. Five minutes? Sign us up!

While it might sound like the coolest travel program around, there are a few things you need to know, and a few requirements you need to meet before you’re eligible for this kind of speedy treatments. Here are seven things to know about TSA PreCheck before you think about signing up.

What To Know About TSA PreCheckHow do these rankings work?

1. You Have To Sign Up For TSA PreCheck

No, you, unfortunately, don’t get contacted by the US government and secretly selected for TSA PreCheck. You can apply directly with the TSA online will eventually have to visit one of the over 380 application centres where they’ll fingerprint you, ask for more documentation, and do an in-person background check.

How to Sign Up For TSA PreCheck
How do you sign up for TSA PreCheck? You can start online but you’ll have to finish the process in-person.

2. The TSA PreCheck Cost Is $85

Similar to other travel loyalty or member programs around the world, you also have to pay to sign up for TSA PreCheck. Currently, the cost is $85 and it’s non-refundable. This means that if your application is denied you lose the $85.

TSA PreCheck Application Fee
The application requires an $85 non-refundable application fee.

3. Foreign Travellers Can Apply For TSA PreCheck

Yes, if you’re not American-born you can still enjoy all of the amazing perks that TSA PreCheck offers frequent travellers. However, you have to meet certain residency requirements if you’re not a US citizen.

Not a US citizen? No problem. Well, kind of. Foreign travellers can also sign up for the program under certain circumstances.

4. You’ll Receive A Known Traveller Number

Once your application is approved, you’ll receive a known traveller number that’s valid for five years. You can usually find the known traveller number on the back of your NEXUS, SENTRI, or Global Entry card.

How to Find TSA PreCheck Known Traveller Number
Your known traveller number isn’t found in your passport. You’ll have to use a separate ID card for that.

5. You Don’t Have To Remove Your Shoes

Finally! You’ll be able to make it through security with your shoes still on. On top of that, travellers who qualify for TSA PreCheck don’t have to take off belts or jackets nor do they have to remove their laptops from their cases. Talk about a time-saver.

An ad detailing the benefits of signing up for the program.

6. You Need To Add Your Known Traveller Number To Tickets

When you book a new plane ticket, you’ll be prompted to enter your known traveller number. If you don’t, then your status won’t show up on your ticket and you won’t be eligible to enjoy the expedited line at the airport.

You have to add your known traveller number to tickets when you purchase them.

7. There Are Other Trusted Travellers Programs

If you don’t qualify for this program, then you might qualify for other Trusted Traveller programs, such as Global Entry, NEXUS, or Sentri. Sentri, for example, allows any national or foreign travellers to easily enter the US from Canada or Mexico.

If you’re not eligible for this program then you can sign up for other programs for expedited entry.
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