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7 Traditional Foods To Eat At Oktoberfest

Sad to be missing out on this famous German festival this year? Us too, but you can still make these tasty foods from Oktoberfest at home! Oktoberfest has only been canceled a few times, the last time the event was canceled was World War II, other times included cholera outbreaks and hyperinflation.

For obvious reasons this year event has been canceled, so although you can’t fully experience Oktoberfest this year, that doesn’t mean the festivities have to stop completely. Below are some dishes that you can make at home to recreate your own Oktoberfest.

Traditional Foods To Eat At Oktoberfest

1. Laugenbrezel

These soft and chewy pretzels are a staple at Oktoberfest, paired perfectly with a stein of Weissbier!

These pretzels also double as a sandwich, you will find many vendors serving pretzels filled with cheese, meat, or even Nutella!

Recipe Felice

2. Pork Schnitzel With Potato Salad

Schnitzel is a staple dish in Germany; traditionally it’s either made from veal or pork, but the most common you’ll find at Oktoberfest is Schweine-Schnitzel which is pork schnitzel.

The meat is thin and tenderised and coated in a delicious batter!

Recipe by Taste

3. Schweinhaxen

Pork knuckle is a typical Bavarian dish. This hearty meal is served in a pool of gravy with Knödel (boiled dumplings).

Not for the faint of heart, but if you’re adventurous and love meat then definitely give this dish a try!

Recipe by Lifestylefood

4. German Beef Rouladen

This traditional German Beef Rouladen is the ultimate Oktoberfest meal. A tender steak seasoned with mustard, onion, paprika and wrapped around a pickle, served with a lot of gravy!

With a side of mash and some purple cabbage, this dish is full of flavour.

Recipe by Jennifer

5. Kartoffel Kloesse

These Dumplings are made out of dough, which is a mixture of flour, potatoes, bread, and other ingredients. Most often formed into a ball-shape, then boiled or steamed in saltwater.

Potato dumplings are the ultimate side dish to any German feast.

Recipe by Tim

6. Bratwurst

What’s more German than a Bratwurst? It is a true cultural heritage food in Germany.

You can find a Bratwurst at pretty much every corner in Germany, they are traditionally served on a soft bun with sauerkraut and mustard.

foods Oktoberfest

Recipe by Joni

7. Apple Strudel

The famous apple strudel is an apple-filled pastry. Can be both dessert or a snack, served warm or cold. Served usually with ice-cream or vanilla sauce.

Most of the tents would serve it as a dessert at Oktoberfest.

foods Oktoberfest

Recipe by Strudel & Schnitzel

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