United Arab Emirates Burgers

The 25 Best Burgers In The United Arab Emirates

United Arab Emirates burgers are ticking all the boxes in terms of choice and creative toppings, and there is serious competition in terms of quality. With so many chains, high-end hotels and casual restaurants offering great burgers, we set out to find the 25 best. No easy task!

From huge hamburgers that are absolutely loaded with toppings to simple classic cheeseburgers and everything in between, there is something on this list for everybody.

So forget all about that healthy eating buzz and the gym for one day and get stuck into one of the very best United Arab Emirates burgers. You won’t regret it…

Best Burgers in U.A.E.How do these rankings work?

1. Bareburger – Abu Dhabi

Every burger, salad and sandwich they make here starts with Bareburger working closely with their network of sustainable farmers and partners. It is all about premium ingredients here and you can taste it in every single mouthful.

The burgers are also perfectly sized. Not too big that you need cutlery, but just big enough to pick up with two hands and devour.

2. SALT – Dubai

SALT sprouted up from a truck on Kite Beach in Dubai ,with the idea that real ingredients taste better. It now has a permanent home, with the truck still at the heart of the experience.

Locals will tell you it is by far the best burger in the country and the lines outside it every day will back that up. They keep things simple; delivering on huge flavour and constant perfect consistency.

United Arab Emirates Burgers

3. Ibs Burgers – Abu Dhabi

Ibs Burgers is a family friendly restaurant that also delivers. Their menu is packed full of comfort foods, including chicken wings and loaded fries.

You will want to focus all your attention on their burgers thoughm because they are packed full of flavour and wonderfully classic in style.

4. Lads Burger – Dubai

Their 100% Wagyu beef burger is one of the most luxurious and delicious things you can eat in Dubai. It is the perfect combination of juiciness and flavour all rolled into one perfectly shaped bun.

They offer lots of original toppings and some great relishes which will give you every excuse to keep coming back on a regular basis.

5. Burger Kitchen City – Abu Dhabi

Their unique food truck can be spotted from miles away with its wonderful yellow design. It is like a beacon calling you in to eat a really great burger and you simply cannot or should not ignore it.

They have three permanent locations too, which means you are never far away from their tasty pasta or burgers and that is a very good thing. Beyond tasty.

6. Slider Station – Dubai

Slider Station is the first conveyor belt burger joint in the world. For real. That means that instead of choosing one huge burger, you can pick three-four mini sliders as they pass by.

It’s a totally different way of eating and one that is far more relaxed than a regular restaurant. Mix and match meats and flavours and you pick up tempting side orders along the way too. A highly original experience.

United Arab Emirates Burgers

7. Burger Zoghali – Ajman

Burger Zoghali is a simple, stripped back restaurant, where the focus is very much on a menu packed full of comfort food dishes.

The burgers are packed with super fresh ingredients and will have you salivating as soon as you set eyes on them approaching your table. Super juicy, super tasty.

8. Moylo – Dubai

A bright colourful restaurant that is always a fun place to spend time. They strip away all the pretences some places have and just focus on serving really good food.

The burgers don’t need super complicated dressings or lots of toppings because the ingredients are so good. Classic in style and absolutely massive in flavour.

9. Huff & Puff Burger – Ajman

Huff & Puff Burger are a local burger shop that were founded in 2016, with a focus delivering world class burgers, mojitos and shakes.

They have lots of other treats on the menu including great desserts and tasty shakes, but you can’t come here and not have the burger. Simply outstanding.

10. Doors Freestyle Grill – Dubai

They call themselves “the finest steakhouse in Dubai” and it is hard to argue with that.

While many will go for the prime cuts of meat the burger for us is the real star of the show. Super juicy and packed full of flavour this is beef handled by people who are at the very top of their game.

11. Tom&Serg – Dubai

Who says that you can’t have a burger for breakfast? Start the day in the best way possible at one of Dubai’s all time best brunch spots. Tom&Serg is super stylish and has incredible food.

This awesome ‘breaky burger’ is built with ingredients sourced from the Emirates Bio Farm. All natural, all organic and harvested right here in the UAE. It is seriously melt in the mouth good.

United Arab Emirates Burgers

12. Habibi Burger – Dubai

Habibi Burger is the ideal place if you want to come and treat yourself at the weekends. They have everything from full breakfasts and pancake stacks to pizzas and amazing shakes.

Our advice? Hone in on the burger and keep it classic in style. The quality of their ingredients along with their simple-yet-perfect approach is what makes this a winner every single time.

13. Shanab – Fujairah

When it comes to comfort food this is one of the first places you should stop when in the area. Some of their classics include chicken wings and wonderful pasta dishes but the burgers top the entire lot.

Super juicy and topped with delicious housemade sauces, it really doesn’t get much better than this.

14. Burger28 – Abu Dhabi

Burger28’s loaded fries, hot dogs and burgers are the stuff of legend and people drive from miles around to sample them on a regular basis.

What makes the burgers stand out is the freshness of the ingredients and their perfect size. They are made to hold in one hand and bite into. Once you get that first taste you will never forget it.

15. Big Smoke Burger – Dubai

Big Smoke Burger serve hand-crafted burgers using Canadian AAA beef, lamb + chicken. Their burgers are simple but great – they don’t go over the top being loaded with toppings. The perfect size to enjoy without too much mess.

Their French fries are truly delicious and made fresh every day, so are always nicely crispy.  Hand-spun milkshakes, house-made sauces and a traditional Canadian poutine round out a great menu.

United Arab Emirates Burgers

16. Jimmy’s Shack Burger – Sharjah

To say they pile their burgers high would be a massive understatement. If you are hungry enough (and brave enough!) to tackle the triple decker you are in for a serious feast.

The one thing we will say is work up a proper appetite before you come here!

17. Burger Lab – Fujairah

They serve premium fresh American beef in their burgers along with great salads, hot dogs and pasta dishes.

It is the sort of place to come with a large group because there is something on the menu to please everybody. The burgers themselves are super juicy and absolutely dripping with flavour through every single bite.

18. Stock Burger Co. – Abu Dhabi

The one place to come if you want to have a really good burger and pair it up with a really good craft beer. They have a large selection of both and they are as good as anything you’ll find in the UAE.

Perfect portion sizes, wonderful service and an experience that is just the all round package.

19. The Grill Shack – Dubai

Unlike so many burger joints in Dubai that are imported restaurant chains, this is a 100% homegrown affair.

The burgers are made with 100% pure Angus beef. Plus, because of their open setting in the Dubai Mall half the fun is watching your food being made and drooling as you think about how good it is going to taste.

United Arab Emirates Burgers

20. Five Guys – Dubai (Marina Mall)

Five Guys is not just one of the best burgers in the U.A..E but consistently one of the very best burgers in the world. You always know what you’ll get in Five Guys: pure excellence.

The burgers are so good you’ll spend the rest of the day dreaming about them. Add in one of their shakes and those wonderful fries, and you’ll struggle to ever have a better meal. A must visit when in Dubai.

21. GiGi Burger – Abu Dhabi

The cheeseburgers at GiGi Burger are like works of art and you simply cannot come to Abu Dhabi and not try one of them.

They also serve pasta and other treats but to come here and not have a mega burger feast would be a massive shame. Out of this world good.

22. Claw BBQ – Dubai

Located in Dubai’s dynamic Souk al Bahar with scenic views, an open air terrace and great cocktails, this is a great place to start a night out with friends.

The buzz is American with other great BBQ food on the menu, but the burgers are hard to ignore. Bursting with flavour and massive in size, each and every one of them is an absolute feast.

United Arab Emirates Burgers

23. Black Tap – Abu Dhabi

A place to really come and treat yourself and have a cheat meal. Their combination of freak shakes and craft burgers are as good as anything you will taste in the UAE.

They absolutely load the toppings into the burgers so you will want to make sure you come with a serious appetite. The ideal place to come with the family or a large group of friends for a very special meal.

24. Eat Route Cafeteria – Sharjah

Eat Route Cafeteria is worth the trip to Sharjah just if you were to taste their very special burgers alone.

They mould the patties themselves, topping them with super inventive sauces and toppings that will leave you already planning your next visit.

25. Burger & Lobster – Dubai

They only do two things but oh-boy are they two of the tastiest dishes in the world. If you can resist the fresh lobster (whole, lobster rolls etc) then the burger is a thing of beauty.

Burger & Lobster started in London and after wild success in the UK they’re now flying in Dubai. The best thing is that if you come with a friend you could share a burger and lobster. Half each. What’s better than that? The ultimate surf and turf.

United Arab Emirates Burgers

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