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The 7 Best Burgers In Valencia

The food scene in this great modern city is up there with the best in Europe, so we wanted to highlight the very best Valencia burgers. Forget about tapas for one night – these will hit the spot.

From the huge burgers packed full of toppings that you’ll struggle to get into your mouth to the simple cheeseburgers, there is something here for absolutely everybody.

So grab a friend, work up an appetite and get ready to get stuck into these tasty Valencia burgers

Best burgers in ValenciaHow do these rankings work?

1. Goiko Grill

The burgers here are consistently good, and they put that down to sourcing the very best ingredients. You’ll never get a bad burger in here.

You’ll find them in multiple locations as they continue to grow with their legions of super fans. The burgers are so pretty you nearly don’t want to spoil them by eating them. Nearly!

Goiko Grill

2. Burger Beer

They have a passion for two things and doing them really well, and that is craft beer selection and burgers. Any venue focusing on those two things is always going to get our vote.

The burgers are high on quality and they keep the toppings simple to let the meat shine through. Simply world-class.

3. The Black Turtle

You’ll be blown away by the food, decor and ambience of their restaurants as soon as you walk in the door. The perfect place to come with friends to have a really great night out.

They do great loaded fries, grilled sandwiches and friend chicken, but you come here for the burgers and the burgers alone. A terrific experience.


The best Valencia Burgers

4. LaMburguesa

Their food truck and restaurants are hugely popular in Valencia. This is because their customers know the insane quality they are going to get every single time.

Huge portions with burgers loaded with the freshest toppings coupled with great service make this a winner every single time.

Valencia burgers

5. Route 66

They opened with the intention of bringing a great American burger experience to Valencia and they have succeeded.

Their burgers are big and juicy and along with their craft beer selection you are going to be in for a real feast here every single time.

Valencia burgers

6. The Vurger

Just because you don’t eat meat products doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be able to enjoy a great burger. This places focuses on vegan burgers that are full of flavour.

Big flavours, big portions and a place that will win even meat lovers over. Try it, you’ll be nicely surprised.

7. Red Cup Burger Bar

With two locations in the city they focus on producing street food in a fun and buzzing atmosphere. The food is casual in style, but is massive on flavour.

You can choose from hot dogs, great fries or their classic burgers which are heard to beat.

Red cup burger bar

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