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The 7 Best Vegetarian Restaurants In Stockholm

Whether you are vegetarian or just want a hefty dose of vegetables, try these best vegetarian restaurants in Stockholm. Plant produce is an exciting and delicious way to eat and it’s healthy AF.

From stalwarts like Hermans to Mathias Dahlgren’s upscale Rutabaga, there is a tasty green meal in Stockholm for everyone.

Best Vegetarian Restaurants In StockholmHow do these rankings work?

1. Sally Voltaire & Systrar

Calling themselves a “food-spa”, they serve modern vegetarian food that is super vegan-friendly. The menu uses ingredients chosen in season from local farmers, to create dishes that are simply stunning.

2. Hermans

Using organic ingredients, over 60 spices and inspiration from cuisines all over the world, Hermans sets out to prove that vegetarian food doesn’t mean boring. They certainly succeed, with a delicious menu of veggie far and a 100% vegan lunch buffet.

In the summer there’s plenty of room to sit outside for a feast in the shady garden.

3. Växthuset

Vegan fine dining? That’s exactly what is on the innovative and excellent menu at Växthuset. Situated next door to Under Bron, one of Stockholm’s most popular nightclubs, it’s the perfect place to start an evening with a fresh and delicious meal made with seasonal ingredients.

You’ll be impressed just how exciting veggies can be.

4. Mahalo

Mahalo is the place to go for your daily fruit boost with fresh juices, smoothie bowls, fruit shoots and “mylkshakes” (shakes without dairy products). There’s also a selection of hot dishes and snacks; blueberry pancakes, kale seitan and tofu-filled bao buns.

Everything on the menu is vegan and made with eco-friendly ingredients from local producers, and they’re dog friendly. What’s not to love about that?

vegetarian restaurants Stockholm

5. Green Queen

At Green Queen, you’ll find all the droolworthy fast food dishes (burgers, Sloppy Joes, quesadillas, kebab, and snacks!), but in a plant-based version; either vegan or vegetarian. The menu is LA-inspired, and it’s open seasonally in spring and summer.

The restaurant café is at Norr Mälarstrand, so it’s an ideal take away-spot if you want to have lunch just around the corner in the Rålambshovs Park.


vegetarian restaurants Stockholm

6. Falafelbaren

Freshly fried falafel is the hero on the menu here, which comes in stone oven baked sourdough pita bread. You can also choose from traditional dishes like börek with feta cheese and spinach

The food is made to order and definitely worth the wait. Not lucky enough to get a seat in this whole-in-the-wall sized restaurant? Don’t worry, just take the food to go and eat on the hop.

vegetarian restaurants Stockholm

7. Rutabaga

Rutabaga is the popular restaurant at Grand Hôtel that has been a must-eat in the city for over 10 years. (although previously under a different name). The quality is still of the same high standards that have earned its head chef Mathias Dahlgren several Michelin stars, but the new menu is fully vegetarian.

It’s one of the top vegetarian restaurants in Stockholm.

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