The 7 Best Vienna Pizzas

The 7 Best Pizzas In Vienna

With its cobbled streets,  Baroque buildings and imperial palaces, this is easily on of the most beautiful cities in Europe. But where to start with Vienna’s food scene? Vienna pizza is the answer, ‘cos it is as good as it gets and we have seven of the very best pizzerias in the city for you to check out.

It could be because of the proximity to Italy or their wonderfully fresh ingredients but whatever it is you’ll eat some amazing pizza when here.

So grab a friend, work up an appetite and get ready to eat these seven amazing Vienna Pizzas.

Best pizzas in ViennaHow do these rankings work?

1. Pizza Mari

The room itself here is simple and stripped back, which is good because it allows the pizza and great wine list to do all the talking. World class cooking in the heart of Vienna.

Vienna PIzza

2. Riva Pizza Türkenstraße 

A small room (get here early as it always get busy) that serves up incredibly tasty pizza. The smell wafts across the room as soon as you open the door and it tastes every bit as good as it initially smells.

Riva Pizza Türkenstraße  In Vienna

3. Pizzeria Pozzuoli

This is a super cosy restaurant where the tables are packed in and the atmosphere starts to rise as the red wine flows.

Their pizzas are classical in style and come wizzing out of the wood-fired oven, wafting aromas around the room.

Pizzeria Pozzuoli

4. Pizza Randale

Pizza Randale has a wonderful team of passionate staff who make some of the best aperitifs in the city in the front of house.

Follow the drinks up with one of the Neapolitan-style pizzas (go easy on the toppings as it doesn’t need a lot) and you’ll be in absolute heaven.

Pizza Randale In Vienna

5. That’s Amore

A classic Italian restaurant in every sense of the word, this is the place to come if you want a selection of both great pizza and pasta.

It really is hard to choose between the two carb-friendly options but the pizza is so good that it gets our nod.

That's Amore Pizzeria

6. Regina Margherita

They pride themselves on sourcing the very freshest ingredients for all the dishes on their menus. This shines through especially with their wonderfully inventive pizza toppings.

Getting a table on the terrace in summer and eating a pizza here with a glass of wine is heaven.

Regina Margherita Pizzeria in Vienna

7. Bros. Pizza

Sometimes you just want a more causal pizza and a beer in a less formal setting. This is the perfect spot for that.

Sit in with a craft beer or get one of their delicious pizzas to take home with you. Wonderfully crisp and perfectly cooked pizzas with simple yet super tasty toppings.

Bros. Pizza

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