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The 25 Best Burgers In Virginia

Anyone that says burgers are boring isn’t only wrong – they also haven’t experienced what the very best of Virginia burgers can offer.

Our list of the primary places to understand and taste burger bliss comes at a price, however – our waistline! Prepare to start drooling as you work your way through our list of the 25 best Virginia burgers…


The Best Burgers in VirginiaHow do these rankings work?

1. Aloha Snacks, Virginia Beach

For a Hawaiian take on burgers, come to Aloha Snacks. The burgers here are quite massive and come with some very unique flavours, such as a Huli-Huli sauce. This is a casual burger joint that many locals love for their laid-back atmosphere.

Burgers and beers are the best combination at Aloha Snacks.

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2. Beauvine Burger Concept, Richmond

This burger joint is best known for its craft burgers and handspun milkshakes, but there are some great weekly deals that happen at this historic location too. Go for trivia on Tuesdays, $2 off on build-your-own burgers on Wednesday or get a gourmet burger, duck fat fries and a crafted soda, like Meyer lemon, for $10 on Mondays.

There are also great options for vegan and gluten-free diners as well.

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3. Grill 309, Culpeper

“A place where you can grab a burger, a beer, and watch a ballgame.” What it says on the website is exactly what you get from this friendly community-favourite burger joint that also packs personality into every item of food it produces and presents.

It’s a tricky enough proposition to choose from the menu, but if Grill 309’s Angry Egg Omelette (sausage, bacon, pepper jack cheese, Pico De Gallo, buffalo sauce, home fries and a fresh fruit cup) doesn’t hit the spot then we’d advise an immediate body swap.

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4. Hearth, Virginia Beach

Locals generally flock to Hearth for their pizzas but a handful of locals swear by the burgers here too. They only serve their burgers on Thursday’s here but boy, their burger is one massive creation of deliciousness!

Swing by Hearth on Thursday to try their famous Smash Burger. It just might be the only day of the week the burgers outsell the pizzas here at Hearth.

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5. {RA} Bistro, Lynchburg

Clever design aesthetics and even smarter displays of wide-ranging seasonal American cuisine is at the heart of this downtown upscale bistro.

From vibrant urban/wall art and the rustic Martini Bar (formed from a Turkish tree root, no less) to a menu that zips’n’zings with style (see if you can manage a starter of Pimento Crab Dip, a main of the justifiably classic House Burger, and a dessert of Key Lime Pie), {RA} Bistro is a waist expander of honest-to-goodness greatness.

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6. Galaxy Burger, Richmond

Maybe it’s the burgers or maybe it’s the all-day breakfast, but this outer space-themed diner is always buzzing. This quirky restaurant is open until at least midnight most days of the week which makes it a great, perennial late-night food option. Try the Nuclear Waste Burger to preemptively cure a hangover with a side of mac ‘n’ cheese.

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7. Barrel 17, Virginia Beach

The best Wagyu beef patties in burgers in Virginia Beach you will find it at Barrel 17. This spot is in the hip and creative ViBe district and they offer some delicious and interesting flavoured burgers.

Give their Whiskey Burger a shot here which also comes with a delectable BBQ sauce in the burger.

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8. Big Buns Damn Good Burgers, Arlington

There are no secrets here, just a set of core beliefs that include attention to detail, rigid consistency, a genial backyard get-together atmosphere that is as infectious as the flu, and a naturally devised burger menu that blends ‘classic’ status with ‘designer’ influences. In other words, the best of everything.

These are the primary principles of Big Buns Damn Good Burgers (located at Ballston and Village of Shirlington), and they form the spine of a business/culinary model that began with a road trip and has continued with a series of dreams come true.

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9. Holy Cow, Alexandria

“Wear stretchy pants”. You have been duly advised by the good people behind Holy Cow: this is the place to come to if you want more than just a few bangs for your bucks.

Another solid-gold plus point here is that the burgers are 100% all-natural, antibiotic-free and hormone-free. Also, they are cooked to a lip-smacking 165°, which can only mean three things: flavour, flavour, flavour. Actually, make that four: let’s not forget the stretchy pants.

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10. J&K Style Grill, Virginia Beach

J&K Style Grill is Virginia Beach locals’ favourite spot for wings but their burgers are just as good, too. Burgers here are incredibly unique because instead of regular burger buns, you get waffles instead.

You gotta try the Waffle Burger here – it is just so damn special you won’t know what hit your insides!

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11. 80/20 Burger Bar, Norfolk

You can’t beat the main objective of 80/20 Burger Bar: to support their area’s local farmers and their produce in order to provide “a healthy, unique and cost-conscious experience.”

That the menu consists of precisely this is indisputable. From fried pickled chips (breaded, fried, and sprinkled with smoked paprika) to the brilliantly-named Pigourney Weiner (Edwards Farm split sausage, havarti cheese & baconaise), we’re giving 80/20 a definite 100/100.

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12. The Shack, Staunton

Located in the middle of the stupendous Shenandoah Valley, The Shack is a restaurant that pays homage to history while maintaining a contemporary and resolutely forward-thinking menu, overseen by critically-acclaimed chef, Ian Boden.

Influenced by regional cuisine and framed both by family roots and Eastern European heritage, the menu is more than just a burger feast – alongside praised staples such as the Shack Burger and Beyond Burger, there are pasta and other meat options to try and love.

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Virginia burgers

13. Eat: An American Bistro, Virginia Beach

Eat: An American Bistro is one of Virginia Beach’s best places to go to for that American classic burger. And with this city being known for its beach, it’s only appropriate that this restaurant names one of its burgers The Hasselhoff, after legendary TV actor, David Hasselhoff, of “Baywatch” fame.

A gourmet burger, The Hasselhoff is the go-to choice here – it’s made of Wagyu beef and also has truffle mayonnaise!

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Virginia burgers

14. Boulevard Burger and Brew, Richmond

This retro burger outfit serves much more than greasy classics. They have gourmet burgers, American finger foods and sandwiches, alcoholic milkshakes, cocktails and craft beer to boot. Order the Fatty D which is an Asian-inspired burger featuring wasabi aioli, nori and pickled ginger.

There are quite a few options for vegans and vegetarians, too. Whatever you do, save room for a Chocolate Sea Salt Caramel shake made with toasted caramel whiskey.

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15. Burger In the Square, Roanoke

Over 30 years on the go and still Burger In the Square comes out on top. It’s no wonder, really, as the burger menu is one of the most extensive and exceptional we have seen.

From ever-ready favourite classics (hamburger, cheese burger, bacon burger, and variants of) to innovative treats (including hot-on-the-tongue Blazing Saddle, which arrives with Ghost Pepper cheese, grilled serrano peppers, sautéed onions, sriracha slaw, and trimmings), Burger In the Square fully deserves a round of applause (see what we did there!?)

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Virginia burgers

16. Shelton’s Big Grill, Virginia Beach

At Shelton’s Big Grill, you’re going to get some fantastic breakfast and lunch options, but the best thing just might be their burgers. They have a really good selection of burgers here from classic to specialty burgers, too.

Try their popular order, the Zombie Burger, named after the hit song from Irish band The Cranberries.

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The best Virginia burgers

17. Citizen Burger Bar, Richmond

This shabby-chic bar and burger house serve up gourmet burgers late into the night. There are also happy hour bar bites, salads and other sandwiches like grilled cheese. All of the ingredients are locally-sourced, and the beef is grass-fed.

Try a specialty burger such as The Hotness, topped with jalapeño jack, sriracha mayo and fresh jalapeños for extra spice.

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18. Market Burger Fries & Shakes, Purcellville

Taking a local and appetising approach to time-honoured traditional burgers, Market Burger Fries & Shakes source local ingredients to ensure fresh food direct from farm to fork.

While it’s difficult to choose from perfection, we’ll stake our house on the ‘Cocina on Market’ burger, which goes for broke with chorizo, Chipotle Mayo, Pepper Jack, avocado, and (ooh – risky but on the money!) raw onions.

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Virginia burgers

19. Station 2, Richmond

Located in an 1899 fire station, this burger restaurant focuses on offering gourmet burgers among other American fare, boozy milkshakes and craft beer. There are tons of starter, salad and burger options for vegetarians and vegans – such as vegetable fritters or a Greek black bean–or edamame–burger. Meat eaters can stick with beef or substitute in a turkey burger.

Try the Grilled Cheese … Burger, which replaces the bun with grilled cheese sandwiches.

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Virginia burgers

20. The Burger Shack, Chantilly

From iconic Colonial style architecture to classic contemporary food – that’s what The Burger Shack offers. For over three years, this all-American restaurant (which also has a location in Ashburn, VA) has served the very best burgers (customised, of course), hotdogs, wings and fries on the Rt. 50 corridor.

It’s no surprise that this place has become the go-to spot for daily lunches and dinners – its Specialty Burger menu, in particular, is to swoon over. Go visit, go swoon!

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21. Viking Burger, Newport News

Experience, life lessons – and love of burgers! Frankly, that’s all you need to know about the Viking Burger story – that, and the undeniable fact that for almost six years they have delivered on their promise of creating food fit for – well, what else? – the Gods.

From their Odin, Thor, and Ragnar burgers and Loki, Baldar, and Freya signature sandwiches to Valhalla (specialty stuffed burgers), this joint well and truly jumps with craft and creativity.

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22. Carytown Burgers & Fries, Richmond

This laid-back counter-service burger house offers a wide range of both meat and vegan-friendly burgers–including a Beyond Burger option. This place is great for those who like a ton of topping choices or unusual taste sensations. Try the Flying Squirrel, which is bacon, peanut butter and cheddar on Texas toast.

Other options include a Jerk Chicken sandwich. No matter what you select, get the pimento cheese fries on the side.

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23. Repeal Bourbon & Burgers, Virginia Beach

Repeal Bourbon & Burgers is also on our list for one of Virginia Beach’s top bars, but they are also known for their burgers. With a combination like a bourbon and a burger, who can resist? Here, you get a juicy and tender beef burger complete with all the fixings of a burger – and to top it all off, an over-easy egg!

Treat yourself to a burger and a bourbon classic, an Old Fashioned here.

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24. Melt Gourmet Cheeseburgers, Leesburg

Voted ‘Loudon’s Best Burger’ for eight consecutive years (2012-2019), Melt Gourmet Cheeseburgers is as established a destination restaurant as they come. Owners Steve and Debbie Hancotte pride themselves on using super-fresh ingredients, as well as buns that are made daily (if not hourly!) in-house.

As if we couldn’t recommend Melt any further, how about this: since 2012, Steve and Debbie have raised more than $100,000 for the Loudon County Animal Shelter, as well as various animal rescue organisations.

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Virginia burgers

25. Burger Bach, Richmond

A New Zealand-inspired gastropub, Burger Bach wholly focuses on grass-fed beef, lamb and free-range chicken to make the best burgers. The menu covers a lot of ground, but whatever you choose, get a large fry, too. The homemade dipping sauces are delicious, so try at least two.

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Virginia burgers

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