Walk From Manhattan to Canada On New Empire State Trail

This year has no doubt been rough on all of us. With many around the world forced to spend a large chunk of time inside, many have been left with an appreciation for the Great Outdoors. Earlier this year, Americans were visiting National Parks in record numbers and found a new love for nature. In a year full of sickness, economic collapse and national divide, there may be one thing to look forward to. The Empire State Trail launched by NY Governor Andrew Cuomo in 2017 is set to unveil by the end of the year.

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Walk or Cycle From Manhattan to Canada On New Empire State Trail

In his 2017 statement on the trail, Governor Cuomo said this. “The Empire State Trail, once completed, will be the nation’s largest state multi-use trail network, providing residents and visitors alike unprecedented access to New York’s outdoor treasures, driving tourism and economic activity to communities across the state and helping to protect our environmental resources for generations to come,”

The 750-mile trail that will link NYC with the Canadian border showcases all the best of New York’s diverse history and rich landscape. Walkers, cyclists and joggers can make their way through tones of natural areas such as Schodack Island State Park, Fort Ticonderoga, Buffalo Harbor State Park and the Montezuma National Wildlife Refuge. The trail will also slip through a few wineries and breweries along the route. Three distinct pathways will make up The Empire State Trail. They are the Hudson Valley Greenway Trail, the Erie Canalway Trail and the Champlain Valley Trail. The trail will begin at Hudson River Park in lower Manhattan before trailing through the Bronx and Hudson Valley. Then onwards over the Walkway Over the Hudson before forking at the Mohawk Hudson Trail. From here visitors can opt for the Erie Canalway Trail or Champlain Valley Trail.

Hope For the Economy

The Empire State Trail will not only be the nations largest multi-use trail, but it will also bring a substantial amount of environmental and economic growth. Currently, there is a small portion of the trail open, but once it is complete, its expected to draw around 9 million visitors annually. New York State has born one of the worst brunts of this year’s virus. As of November 4th, the small East Coast state has shouldered over half a million cases and 33,198 deaths. Additionally, the virus has caused an unprecedented downturn in the economy. In recent months we’ve seen several hotels, bars and small business closing in waves. Most recently, the historic Roosevelt Hotel. The potential growth in outdoors tourism via The Empire State Trail is incomprehensible. The trail may actually serve as a rebound for New York.

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