The 7 Best Yorkshire burgers

The 7 Best Burgers In Yorkshire

The county might be famous for its pies, but Yorkshire burgers are also well worth feasting on.

From the whopper burgers piled high with more toppings than you could shake a stick at to neat little cheeseburgers that you can eat in two bites, we have something for everybody in this DIY burger trail.

So, grab a couple of mates and head out and start ticking these off the list…

Best burgers in Yorkshire
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1. Rumpus Burger – Huddersfield

This artisan burger restaurant is in the heart of Slaithwaite, where the key to their tasty burger is their very own Longhorn cattle, which they raise on their own farm. Rumpus Burger’s chefs also put a huge amount of love into every single burger that hits the tables.

Keep an eye out for their mobile “Rumpus” which caters festivals and events. A truly great burger.

Rumpus Burger In Yorkshire

2. The Moody Cow – Bradford

The Moody Cow is an award-winning steakhouse restaurant, bar and grill using the finest locally grown, raised and sourced produce. Many come for the steaks but to ignore the burger would be a travesty. It comes complete with huge onion rings and wedged full of toppings. You’ll do well to finish this in one sitting. A beast of a burger.

The Moody Cow Hamburger

3. A Nation Of Shopkeepers – Leeds

A Nation of Shopkeepers is one of the most famous and storied venues in Leeds that has always had a big focus on music. A big revamp in 2017 saw them introduce amazing food and a huge selection of beers on tap. T

he perfect place to come for a night out with friends and to load up with one of their massive burgers with delicious toppings before carrying on to a big night out.

Shopkeepers Burgers In Yorkshire

4. Meat Liquor – Leeds

This restaurant-meets-diner has a super casual and fun atmosphere where the food is the star of the show. Proper portions, big flavours and friendly service. Just remember, you’ll want to wash the burger down with one of their great cocktails. The perfect place to start a night out with friends.

Meat Liquor Burger

5. Yummy Yorkshire Parlour & Hide & Hoof Restaurant – Huddersfield

Best known for their award-winning artisan diary ice cream made on their own farm. the food served in the Hide & Hoof Restaurant is equally good. The perfect place for a big family day out but do bring an appetite because the burgers are absolutely massive.

Plus, it really would be a sin not to leave room for that incredible ice cream.

Yorkshire burgers

6. Almost Famous – Leeds

Almost Famous have locations around the north of England and their burgers are so pretty and droolworthy that they take over Instagram feeds like nothing else. They also happen to taste outrageous. As far as Yorkshire burgers go this is as beautiful a burger as you’ll set eyes on.

Yorkshire burgers

7. Lucky Fox – Sheffield

We snuck a chicken burger in at the end for those who prefer something different to beef. Their chicken comes in all shapes and sizes from wings to nuggets and salads but the burger is king here. There’s a brilliant buzz in the room; washed down with some craft beer you will be in absolute heaven.

Lucky Fox Hamburger

Prefer something a little more traditional? We’ve also rounded up the 7 best pies in Yorkshire.

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