The 7 Best Zurich Burgers

The 7 Best Burgers In Zurich

Zurich burgers come in all forms, from the large stuffed with lots of toppings down to the simple cheeseburger and everything in between, but the good news is they’re all delicious.

So, where to start with so much choice in this city? We wanted to narrow it down to just seven burgers. The best of the best: the ones that you simply cannot afford to miss out on when visiting this city.

Grab a friend and get ready to for a serious feast chowing down on these Zurich burgers

Best burgers in ZurichHow do these rankings work?

1. Heidi & Tell Co. 

They insist that the key to their burgers tasting so good is that they are flame grilled, which adds that extra flavour. Heidi & Tell Co. also make their own buns and select the best local cheese for added flavour. As Swiss burgers go, this is about as good as it gets.

Heidi & Tell Co. Burgers In Zurich

2. The Bite

A Swiss and Canadian-owned gourmet burger restaurant which first opened back in 2013 and which has been going from strength to strength. A great selection of original burgers with inventive toppings or you can build your own from scratch. Also keep an eye out for weekly special burgers which are super tasty.

The Bite Hamburger

3. The Butcher 

Casual burgers that come wrapped in paper with fries on the side served from their 4 locations across the city. The service is fast, the burgers super tasty and they also have a great veggie option if that is what you are after.

The Butcher Burgers In Zurich

4. c

It’s all about the sourcing of the meat for these great burgers, which Korner does locally and with great pride. They grind the patties daily and use only the best cuts. The room itself is bright and airy and along with a great beer selection they also have some delicious cocktails, which will round the meal off perfectly.

Korner Hamburger

5. Helvti Diner Stauffacher

A super modern diner with one of the coolest colour schemes you will ever see in a restaurant. Everything about eating here is fun. They have a wagyu beef burger which has to be tried to be believed – on the other end of the meat vs. non-meat scale, they have just introduced a delicious plant based burger. No joke, it is every bit as good as the meat versions.

Helvti Diner Stauffacher Burgers In Zurich

6. Fork & Bottle

This is the place to come in Zurich if you want some classic American style cooking. They do a brilliant brunch, have a huge selection of craft beers and you’ll find classics life chicken and waffles, as well as pancakes on the menu. Don’t be distracted by all the options though; hone in on the burgers because they are absolute classics.

Zurich Burgers

7. Holy Cow!

Holy Cow strives to lead by example, especially when it comes to preserving the environment. This means partnering with local suppliers and using only the freshest and best quality ingredients. It shows in the end result, which is a burger that is perfect in shape and form and fits into the mouth in one simple bite.

Zurich Burgers

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