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10 Millennial Slang Words To Fit In With Gen Z

It can often seem that Generation Z are talking an entirely different language – and they are, kinda. Those cool words you see all over social media? It’s millennial slang, don’tcha know.

What do you if someone asks you to ‘spill the tea’, or to show the ‘receipts’? Be confused no more.

Here’s a list of 10 commonly used millennial slang words that Gen Z can’t get enough of. You’ll be speaking like a real born ‘n’ bred millennial in no time.

Millennial Slang Words You Need to Know

1. Tea

Spilling the tea is all about getting that gossip. You can get the tea, spill the tea or give the tea. Otherwise simply written as the ‘T’.

2. Woke

If you’re up to date with politics, then you’re ‘woke’. As Congresswoman Barbara Lee said in 2017. “We have a moral obligation to ‘stay woke,’ take a stand and be active.”

3. Receipts

If someone asks you for the receipts, they’re basically asking for proof of whatever it is you’ve said or done.

4. Slay

Coming from 1980s LGBTQ culture, to slay is to absolutely kill it in the best possible way. An essential millennial slang word.

5. Bae

Bae is what these young folk call their boyfriend/girlfriend. The origins of bae aren’t clear, with some saying it’s an acronym for “before anyone else”.

6. Shade

You can ‘throw shade’ or ‘be shady’. Either one is not something you want: it’s subtly being disrespectful to someone.

7. Extra

Urban Dictionary defines this as anything ‘over the top’ or dramatic behaviour.

8. Lit

Another word for drunk but more commonly said instead of ‘really good’. Fun fact: this was first used in John McGavock Grider’s 1918 book, War Birds: Diary of an Unknown Aviator.

9. Stan

Coming from Eminem’s 2000 hit song ‘Stan’, this term is used to describe obsessive fans of celebrities. You can also use it to express extreme support for something eg. ‘we stan’.

10. AF

Basically, AF stands for ‘as f*ck’. Eg. this burger is tasty AF. Millennial slang is lit AF.

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