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Who We Are

You don’t have time to trawl through TripAdvisor, Foursquare, Google Reviews and countless blogs to find the must-see places in a new city. After an hour of research you might find a good solution. 

Mostly you won’t. Big 7 Travel, however, provides current, curated recommendations you can trust. 

The best steak in Amsterdam? A little-known speakeasy in Chicago? A hidden gem of a bistro in Paris? Where to go and what to do in every city across the globe, whether you’re there for business or pleasure this is what Big 7 Travel does. Expertly.

From inspirational bucket list destinations on our social channels to ‘how to’ guides on site, we’re helping millions of people discover their world. 

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Our Mission

Big 7 Travel is a new way to discover the world through simple yet beautiful content that you actually use.

Our Vibe

With a team based across the world, we have one finger on the pulse for all the latest travel trends. We’re practical, but never boring.

'The 7 Best' Content

Consider our ‘7 Best’ guides as your insider info on each city. Our editorial team chooses the best places to eat and drink, in no particular order. 

'The 50 Best' Content

Whether it’s the ’50 Best’ islands across the world or where to find the world’s best cocktails, we look to audience surveys and reader suggestions – as well as our editorial team – for these.

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