The 10 Best Popular Museums & Galleries

The 10 Most Popular Museums & Galleries Around The World

Hey culture vultures, listen up: the world’s most popular museums and galleries have been revealed. From quirky fashion exhibitions to classical art and sculpture, visiting a museum is still top of people’s list when on holidays.

According to the Global Attractions Attendance Report, over 108 million people visited a museum or art gallery in 2018. Several museums saw record-breaking attendance, including the Natural History Museum and the Victoria & Albert Museum, both in London

Global trends in museums include pop-ups, immersion and Instagrammable photo spots.

How many have you been to so far?

10. American Museum of Natural History — New York City, United States

This fun museum is all about exploring human cultures, the natural world, and the universe.

Number of visitors in 2018: 5 million

American Museum of Natural History

9. Natural History Museum — London, United Kingdom

Discover star specimens such as Hope – a 25-metre blue whale plunging down from the ceiling, a rock as old as the solar system and one of the UK’s most complete dinosaurs.

Number of visitors in 2018: 5.2 million

Natural History Museum

8. National Gallery — London, United Kingdom

This famous art museum has a collection of over 2,300 paintings dating from the mid-13th century to 1900.

Number of visitors in 2018: 5.8 million

National Gallery Museums

7. Tate Modern — London, United Kingdom

Check out  Modern and contemporary British artists including Lucian Freud and Damien Hirst,

Number of visitors in 2018: 5.8 million

Tate Modern Museums

6. British Museum — London, United Kingdom

World-famous objects such as the Rosetta Stone, Parthenon sculptures, and Egyptian mummies are all on display at this fascinating museum.

Number of visitors in 2018: 5.8 million

British Museums

5. National Air and Space Museum — Washington, United States

Launch into the history of flight by surrounding yourself with icons of air and space travel. It has the world’s largest of aviation and space artefacts.

Number of visitors in 2018: 4.8 million

National Air and Space Museums

4. Vatican Museum — Vatican City

The Vatican Museums are the Vatican city’s museums and includes admissions to Sistine Chapel, Chapel of Beato Angelico and Raphael Rooms. A must-visit for any traveller in Rome.

Number of visitors in 2018: 6.7 million

Vatican Museums

3. Metropolitan Museum of Art — New York City, United States

The Met is one of is one of the world’s largest and finest art museums, with exhibitions going viral thanks to the Met Gala.

Number of visitors in 2018: 7.36 million

Metropolitan Museum of Art
NEW YORK CITY – MARCH 24: Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City on March 24, 2012. The Met is a NYC landmark which and is the largest art museum in the United States.

2. National Museum of China — Beijing, China

The National Museum of China is a combination of the previous Museum of Chinese History and the Museum of the Chinese Revolution.

Number of visitors in 2018: 8.6 million

National Museum of China

1. Louvre Museum — Paris, France

This is perhaps the most famous museum in the world, and we can see why. Highlights include classic art and of course, the Mona Lisa.

Number of visitors in 2018: 10.2 million

Louvre Museums

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