2020 restaurant booking data

2020 Restaurant Booking Data Shows How The Industry Is Faring Globally

While many businesses are suffering during the pandemic, the hospitality industry has been one of the worst affected.

Using data from Opentable we explore how restaurants are faring around the world. The data combines online and phone bookings as well as walk-ins. When the pandemic hit at the start of the year, the majority of countries entered a hard lockdown and this is clearly reflected in the initial stages of the data. What’s interesting, is what happened next and what is happening today.

While the restaurant industry was bouncing back in most countries to some extent, it seems that there could be trouble ahead. That comes in the form of new lockdowns and increased restrictions.

It is also worth noting that some of the growth can be attributed to reduced capacity. Restaurants might be 100% full, but with 50% fewer customers due to social distancing rules.

2020 Restaurant Booking Data By Country


While the Australian state of Victoria has been hit with a hard lockdown, the industry as a whole has been able to bounce back to some extent. The road to recovery has not been smooth and may continue to take unusual turns. Australia does however remain one of the best performers globally.


After opening up again in May, the restaurant industry in Canada has seen slow and steady growth, remaining 25% below previous levels. With cases rising and new restrictions in place that growth has plateaued.


Widely praised as one of the leaders in their response to the pandemic, Germany reopened its restaurants in May. The recovery was quick and although regional restrictions come and go, the picture here has been one of consistency. They are returning to normal quicker than other countries.

2020 restaurant booking data


Ireland was much slower to open restaurants stretching right into late July.  Although the summer saw brisk trade (albeit at reduced capacity) new restrictions in recent weeks have seen a sharp decline in the number of customers. The future remains very uncertain.
2020 restaurant booking data

United Kingdom

The UK was also slower than most to reopen, with closures stretching into July. The recovery was brisk, aided by deals to entice diners back out and increase consumer spending. However, in recent weeks the growth has slowed amid new restrictions, this will continue to dent that growth.
2020 restaurant booking data


The USA was especially fast to open their restaurants (in some states). However, it has struggled to return to its previous levels. The country has the most cases in the world and with a raft of new closures and restrictions, that growth remains uncertain.

2020 restaurant booking data America

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