2021 Tourism Video Adverts

The Best 2021 Tourism Video Adverts To Inspire Travel

When it comes to creating 2021 tourism video adverts, agencies and creatives around the world have a serious challenge. The simple truth is that nobody knows when travel will resume or what it might even look like.

The biggest challenge for destinations is staying at the front of people’s minds, so when they decide to travel again, bookings will come flowing in. The short hop tourist will probably be the main focus, long haul, and business is unlikely to be a focus in 2021 with meetings moving online and people avoiding longer travel time.

Some of the videos below are so beautiful, that they really do make you reminisce about the magical days of escaping somewhere new. Hopefully, those days will come sooner than we all think. For now, just enjoy this selection of the best 2021 tourism video adverts.

1. Japan – Hope Lights The Way

The simple natural beauty and the wonderful culture of Japan make you wish that you could immediately jump on a plane right now.

2. Portugal – Can’t Skip Home

Like many of the campaigns, the message is about safety and only coming when it is right to do so. They still want you to dream about Portugal though which is easy to do given how pretty it is.

3. Thailand – Best Wishes

A message of hope and best wishes from the country of a thousand smiles. No hard sell here about visiting but just making sure we all stay in this together.

4. Egypt – An Experience Of A lifetime

With over 50 million views and some stunning attractions and scenery, this video captures everything that people seem to be missing about travel.

5. Wake Up in the Philippines

With most of Asia still very much in lockdown it will be a while before borders open fully open for the Philippines, but it’s beautiful scenery will be waiting.

6. Iceland – Scream It Away

Possibly the most unique and eye-catching advert on the list. Instead of just going with the beautiful scenery approach they wanted to tap into the sheer frustration people have at not being able to travel.

7. SwitzerlandDream Now Travel Later

The campaign spread all over the world and really captured the mood of the early lockdown. The logo was even projected onto the side of the Matador mountain.

Big 7 Travel Team