The 8 Scoop Waffle Cone

Daily Drool #20: The Eight-Scoop Waffle Cone

If you’re an ice cream lover then you probably think you’ve seen everything there is to see, but we are about to blow your mind with this Eight-Scoop Waffle Cone.

This is a feat of ice cream engineering that blows our mind; it’s going to give you serious brain freeze trying to get through that volume. We think there’s quite a few of you who would be willing to give it a go though. It’s worth it.

Take a look at the Eight-Scoop Waffle Cone Ice Cream in all its glory, as it’s made from scratch…


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You’ll find this beauty in place called Dasher & Crank which is in Miami. They make all their own ice cream, and they even make their own cones from scratch to create the ultimate ice cream experience.

You are going to have to be seriously fast to eat this all before it melts, especially in the Miami heat…


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It isn’t just the size of the Eight-Scoop Waffle Cone that makes it so impressive. It is also the sheer array of beautiful colours that make this such a special experience.

And by special, we clearly mean tasty AF


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Some people might say that this is too much ice cream but who are they to tell us how to live our lives> We’re off to grab a flight to Miami to eat one of these ASAP.

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