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Bermuda Is Offering Year-Long Residencies to Remote Workers and Students

While we’ve always been huge advocates for remote working, where possible, it seems like the rest of the world is just catching up. Seriously though, the concept of an office isn’t as necessary as everyone once thought. We recently told you about this remote working package the Maldives. And now beautiful Bermuda is hopping on the remote work bandwagon – by offering year-long residencies to remote workers and students.

Honestly, moving to Bermuda sounds like d-r-e-a-m! Think pink sand shores, secluded rocky coves, and aquamarine blue waters.

Bermuda Is Offering Year-Long Residencies to Remote Workers and Students

Want to wake up by the beach and take a dip in those crystal-clear, turquoise waters every morning before starting your remote workday? An ideal work-from-home / study-from-home scenario.

How to Avail of Bermuda’s Year-Long Residential Certificate

Bermuda’s Ministry of Labour is offering remote workers and students a residential certificate allowing them to live on and work from the island for up to a year.

There are few requirements and it only costs $263.

Firstly, applicants must be over the age of 18. Secondly, they must have no prior convictions for indictable offenses. Thirdly, applicants must possess valid health insurance. Fourthly, they must also provide proof of employment or enrollment in higher education. And finally, they must prove they have sufficient means or steady income to support themselves while in Bermuda.

So there you have it! All you need to avail of the year-long residencies Bermuda is offering to remote workers and students.

As well as the year-long residencies, Bermuda is adjusting its tourist visa policy. The maximum period a visitor can stay in Bermuda is being extended from 90 to 180 days.

So, why is Bermuda doing all of the above?

The COVID-19 health crisis had a significant impact on their local economy resulting in mass unemployment and decreased economic activity. Bermuda’s government seeks to increase economic activity and provide greater job security for Bermudians by increasing the island’s residential population. As part of their technology-focused economic diversification strategy, they also aim to enhance the marketability of Bermuda as a place to reside, visit, or do business.

So what are you waiting for? Paradise is only a short flight away… to apply online visit the government of Bermuda’s website.

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