Best Airlines to Fly in Asia 2020

The 7 Best Airlines In Asia 2020

Looking for the best airlines in Asia? The World Airlines Awards 2019 have just announced the winners of the best airlines in each region of the world, and the results are pretty interesting for Asia.

Even if you’re not looking to fly first-class, the airlines on the list of the best airlines in Asia offer some of the best flying experiences you’ll find anywhere in the world.

From Singapore and Thailand all the way over to Japan, the best airlines in Asia cover all of the popular routes for travelling to Asia in 2019.

Best Airlines In AsiaHow do these rankings work?

1. Singapore Airlines

From outstanding service to top-notch in-flight entertainment, there’s nothing that Singapore Airlines doesn’t handle for its customers. Their fleet is fairly new, which means flying with them is always comfortable, and their upgraded planes are a thing of luxury. They recently made headlines for how opulent their new Airbus 380 is.

2. ANA (All Nippon Airways)

One of Japan’s premier airlines, ANA All Nippon Airlines also scored high when it came to customer service and the attention of flight attendant staff. They’re one of the best airlines to fly in Asia if you’re headed anywhere in Japan, but also to places like China or even to the United States. If you fly within Japan you get 20kg of free luggage. What a steal.

Best Airlines to Fly in Asia

3. Cathay Pacific Airlines

Cathay Pacific has long been one of the most popular airlines for travellers looking to make their way to Hong Kong. Offering numerous routes all over the world, they’re an incredibly accessible airline. They’ve also recently become the world’s first airline to serve meatless pork, so they’re paving the way in numerous areas for travellers all over the world.

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4. EVA Air

It seems like there’s nothing travellers lack when flying with EVA Air, based out of Taipei. Contrary to China Airlines, EVA Air has a 5-star rating for cabin and seat cleanliness, entertainment, and attention to cabin safety. However, travellers also note that they love the airline’s food and on-board accessories. If you’re lucky, you’ll get to board one of the seven infamous Hello Kitty planes.

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5. Hainan Airlines

Hainan Airlines is China’s fourth-biggest airline, and while they fly internationally,  they offer some of the best flight deals if you wish to travel within China. Numerous travellers have noted that after making the switch, they won’t ever fly with another airline again.

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6. Thai Airways

If there’s one word you consistently see while reading reviews of Thai Airways, it’s efficient. The airline flies to over 35 different countries, including about a dozen within Thailand. Whether you’re looking for great deals on international flights to Europe or want to fly from Bangkok to Chiang Mai, Thai Airways is a great option.

7. Japan Airlines

Spotless planes, excellent customer service, and some of the most polite staff ever are all what travellers consistently say about Japan Airlines. Mostly, it seems that people really love how kind staff are, both during the booking process and in-flight.

Economy Class on Japan Airlines


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