Best Beach Bars in Aruba

7 Of The Best Beach Bars In Aruba

Beaches in Aruba are well-known worldwide for their alabaster sand and calming waves. And, it’s no visit to this Caribbean island’s iconic beaches without also checking out one (or all) of Aruba’s coolest beach bars.

It’s called One Happy Island for a reason; the beach bars in Aruba serve up strong, cold drinks, island vibes and oftentimes, quite a party. From quieter beach bars to the ones hosting parties that last all night long, you’ve got your fair share of choice here.

Start at the top of the island and work your way down the coast. Trust us, there’s nothing but a good time and a few massive, strong cocktails that await you at the best beach bars in Aruba.

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1. Bugaloe

Just a short walk from the Hilton Aruba Caribbean Resort at Palm Beach is where you’ll find Bugaloe, a favourite amongst visitors looking for the perfect trifecta of blue waves, ocean air and tropical drinks. Enjoy idyllic views of serene Palm Beach amidst colourful, vibrant decor that perfectly personifies this island. Drinks are tasty (and perfect for posting on the ‘gram, if that’s your thing). Order a cocktail and enjoy the ocean air.

Best Beach Bars in Aruba

2. Moomba Beach Bar

A bit further north, closer to the Marriott and Holiday Inn resorts, you’ll find Moomba Beach Bar. The little bar hut spills out onto the sand where you can enjoy a nice, simple dinner under the stars or simply sip a few of their happy hour cocktails. Sunsets here are legendary, so be sure to snag a seat with a front view of the ocean waves. This is also easily one of the best spots for an after-hours party. You know, if that’s your thing.

Best Beach Bars in Aruba

3. Pelican Pier

Pelican Pier is a must if you’re visiting Aruba. We suggest heading here about an hour or two before sunset to snag a seat at the pier’s bar, the Pelican Nest. Settling in for one of their massive two-person frozen cocktails; they load them up with alcohol and stick two bottles of beer inside of them. Stunning water views and lively vibes make this a great beach bar whether you’re here for the massive drinks or not.

Best Beach Bars in Aruba

4. Rum Reef

Down at the south end of the island, you’ll find a truly unique spot. While not a beach bar perse, Rum Reef is home to a pool where you can swim up with your drinks and peer out onto the beach below. Enjoy stunning views of Baby Beach, a beach that’s not frequented by travellers who stay up north near Eagle and Palm Beaches. As long as you’re ordering food or drinks, you’ve got access to the tranquil pool.

5. The Oasis at La Cabana

La Cabana is a beach resort and casino situated along the shores of Aruba’s famed Eagle Beach. And, while we highly suggest a stay while you’re here, spending the afternoon sipping cocktails at The Oasis, their beach bar, is equally as indulgent and special. Open daily starting at 10 am, The Oasis is just that…a real oasis where you can lay under the shade and sip cocktails and daiquiris and specials made by their mixologists.

6. Coco Loco Beach Bar

If you’ve ever visited the Caribbean or at least this little slice of it that lies close to South America, then you’ll know a thing or two about Coco Locos. These insanely intense and tasty drinks will help kick your vacation into gear. But, here you’ll find a vibrant beach shack of sorts that’s overflowing with fun. Chill out with a local beer or get gutsy and order a cocktail. Then, dig your toes into the sand and enjoy paradise.

7. Matthew’s Beachside Restaurant

Equal parts restaurant and trendy beachside bar, Matthew’s is located at the Casa del Mar Beach Resort. Picture-perfect views, enchanting fairy lights and some well-prepared dishes make this a great sport for a relaxed date night or early dinner. And, as if it couldn’t get any better, you’ll be happy to know that the bar offers three different happy hours throughout the day. So, here, its always a good time for a cocktail.

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