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7 Of The Best Language Learning Podcasts

With millions under lockdown across Europe and the rest of the world encouraging self-isolation and quarantine following the coronavirus, everyone is cooped up inside. With many people having extra time on their hands due to business closures, now’s the time to make the best of it and learn that language you’ve always wanted to. Thankfully, there is no shortage of digital language learning resources like podcasts! If you’re looking language learning podcast to hone your skills, start with these.

The Best Language Learning Podcasts

1. Language Pod101

Since 2005, Innovative Language Pod101 has been the go-to for anyone looking to further their linguistic skills. In their library, you’ll find everything from Afrikaans to Vietnamese along with extensive lessons on the romance languages. Language Pod101 is great for beginners because they focus almost exclusively on functional speech for everyday life.

2. Duolingo

By now everyone has heard of Duolingo. Not only is it an excellent app to sharpen your language skills, but it is also available in a podcast form. Currently, they offer Spanish and French podcasts to help you tackle the basics before moving on to more complicated phrases. The best part? They use interactive stories to teach, so you’re never bored.

3. Coffee Break Languages

Radio Lingua’s Coffe Break Languages is an excellent resource for learning on the go. They offer comprehensive lessons in Spanish, French German, Italian and Chinese. They keep it simple with episodes lasting only ‘as long as a cup of coffee’. Because of its bite-sized length, it’s great for listening to while doing small chores like loading the wash or of course, having a cup of coffee.
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4. is the be all end all for anyone who needs those hard to remember ‘get around’ phrases. With 27 available languages, this learning podcast will practically eliminate your need for google translate. Need to ask for the toilet in Chinese? Easy. Wondering what the cost of that bag is in French? No problem. They’ve got you covered with all the basic ask and answer conversation that is essential to smart travel.
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5. The Fluent Show

While The Fluent Show doesn’t place emphasis on any specific language, it is essential to learning one. This podcast is all about the core of linguistics, how we think and process language and providing tons of helpful tips and tricks.

6. Spanish Obsessed

Given that Spanish is the most spoken non-English language in the US and the primary language of 20 countries, plenty of people want to learn it. This podcast is essential for anyone from beginner to advanced and provides loads of practical advise to lower the learning curve. Hosts English and Colombian couple, Rob and Liz make the perfect pair to discuss the ins and outs of learning a second language.
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7. LinguaBoost

LinguaBoost offers a whole host of options for learning a new language such as dialogue, high use phrases and audio lessons. From Polish, Albanian, Arabic, Chinese, German, Swahili and Spanish, they’ve got it all. Choose a beginner lesson from any one of their 17 language options and get started.

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