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7 Of The Best Learning Apps To Download

Got time to spare? With the majority of the world indoors due to the coronavirus, now is the best time to learning something new or sharpen old skills. With these educational apps, you can do just that. Have a dream in showbiz? Take an acting class from Natalie Portman herself. Looking to broaden your horizons with a computer science career? Learn coding from your phone. Here are the seven best learning apps to keep you occupied and beat the coronavirus blues.

Best Learning Apps to Download

1. Masterclass

Masterclass is quickly taking over the online learning field. Tonnes of recognisable faces such as Helen Mirren, Neil deGrasse Tyson and Reba McEntire, just to name a few. Masterclass uses real-life figures to bring you quality, in-depth lessons. Take acting classes from Natalie Portman or a cooking class from Gordon Ramsey – Masterclass has it all.

best learning apps

2. Skillshare

You probably recognise this one, as Skillshare is popping up all over the place as a remote learning option. Its praise is completely deserved, too. With Skillshare, you can take tons of classes geared toward content creation such as design, lifestyle and writing. Even better? It’s all done from a seamless, state of the art platform.

best learning apps
3. Udemy

Udemy checks all the boxes when it comes to learning something new. On this educational app, you’ll find just about everything with over 16,000 courses on 2,000 topics. Want to master photography? No prob. Feel like finally diving deep into web marketing? Why not. With Udemy you’ll find everything you need.

best learning apps

4. Encode

The world of programming and coding is taking off. Because we live in a digital world, coding is widely considered one of the most important job skills to have. Start now by learning the basics of coding on your phone. With Encode they break it down into bite-sized lessons that make JavaScript and Kotlin less intimidating.

best learning apps

5. Brainscape

Brainscape makes learning something new fun with interactive flashcards and activities. The app monitors your progress and is sure to give frequent quizzes to be sure you are retaining the information. They even offer loads of certification courses so that you can put your skills to the test outside the app.

best learning apps

6. TED

The TED app gives you access to over 1,500 TED Talks full of revolutionary ideas, philosophies and business models. Whether you are looking to be inspired, invigorated or intrigued, you’ll get all that and more while learning something new with TED.

best learning apps

7. Duolingo

There’s no better than now to finally learn another language. Whether you are looking to brush up on a second language or learn an entirely new one, Duolingo is a great place to start. It comes complete with tons of mini-lessons and markers to keep tabs on your growth. you can also use your skills real-time with texting and storytime simulations.

best learning apps

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