best winter sun destinations in November

7 Best Winter Sun Destinations in November

November might spell the beginning of winter, but there’s more to it than Bonfire Night and Thanksgiving. If you’re dreading a cold and dreary winter, why not top up your tan and those vitamin D levels before the snow sets in? While much of Europe and North America might be cooling down, there are still dozens of destinations across the world to escape to for the ultimate sun and fun-filled escape – and some of them are even at their best in November. From European city breaks to far-flung tropical escapes, we’ve rounded up seven of the best winter sun destinations in November.


The Best Winter Sun Destinations in November

1. Dubai (United Arab Emirates)

Temperature: 31 C / 88 F

Fr a dose of razzle-dazzle, hotfoot to Dubai, the United Arab Emirates glitziest destination. Temperatures soar into the 30s, but you’re never far from an air-conditioned hotel, award-winning restaurant or sprawling spa to help cool you down. There’s plenty to keep you occupied too, from the Burj Al Arab (the world’s tallest hotel) to endless gold beaches to traditional souk-style shopping.

The beauty of marina just from the top

2. Tenerife, Canary Islands (Spain)

Temperature: 24 C / 75 F

The Canary Islands are popular with Europeans for good reason –it’s the continent’s most reliable option for winter sun. Tenerife, the largest island in the archipelago, is known as the ‘Land of the Eternal Spring’. Temperatures are by no means sizzling, but you can definitely get away with wearing short-sleeves. You can enjoy the most hours of daylight in Europe and there’s only two days of rainfall to look out for too.

3. Mauritius

Maximum temperature: 29 C/ 84 F

Things are just heating up in Mauritius in November after a cool winter and the rainy season tends to hold off until December too. The volcanic island, located off the east coast of Africa, experiences opposite seasons to northern Europe, making it the ideal winter sun escape. It’s perfect beach weather, with daytime temperatures reaching 29 C and bathwater-warm seawater at 25 C. You’ll get to enjoy long 13 hour days with an average of eight hours of sunshine each too. It’s also a brilliant month for scuba divers, particularly if you’re keen on spotting turtles.

best winter sun destinations in November

4. Turkey

Maximum temperature: 20 C / 75 F

Just because you’re looking for winter sun, doesn’t necessarily mean you’re looking to get burnt on the beach. If you’re looking to warm your bones ahead of a cold and dreary winter, Turkey is an excellent option. Istanbul averages temperatures around 15 C, a much more comfortable temperature for sightseeing than in the summer months. Down on the country’s Mediterranean coastline and Turkish Riviera, temperatures tend to offer warmer temperatures, with highs of 20 C. Not quite sunbathing and swimming weather perhaps, but ideal for al fresco dinners and more comfortable hikes.

5. Bali (Indonesia)

Maximum temperatures: 31 C/ 88 F

If only a tropical escape will do, think Bali. With temperatures soaring into the low 30s, November is one of Bali’s hottest months. It’s also still regarded as off-season, which spells for luxury holidays at a fraction of the price. While it’s rainier than July and August, peak rainfall doesn’t begin until December. It’s popular with everyone from surfers and backpacks to honeymooners, so it’s a well-trodden tourist path, but there are quieter spots to escape too. On the north coast, in Pemuteran, you’ll find black sand beaches, brilliant snorkelling and a lovely laid-back atmosphere.

best winter sun destinations in November

6. Florida (United States)

Maximum temperature: 28 C/ 82 F

It didn’t get the nickname ‘Sunshine State’ out of nowhere – Florida boasts 240 days of sunshine and some towns claim 30 days more than the state average too. You won’t find soaring summertime temperatures, but November marks the start of the dry season, so you’re guaranteed little to no rain. Theme parks are bound to be less busy, but there’s more to Florida than Orlando too. Venture south to Miami where the average high is 27 C, or up to Bonita Springs for some barefoot beach luxury.

best winter sun destinations in November

7. Antigua

Maximum temperature: 30 C/ 86 F

For a far-flung winter sun escape, you can’t really do much better than Antigua. As well as endless days of sunshine, there are 365 beaches at your fingertips – and dozens of boutique, budget and luxury hotels dotted alongside them. And, while beaches tend to take centre stage in the Caribbean, you’ll also find lush rainforests and a colourful capital city, St. Johns’s. Don’t miss a trip to Mount Obama, the island’s 1,319-ft. forest-covered island hill which was renamed after former US President Obama in 2009 either.

best winter sun destinations in November

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