7 of the Best Winter Sun Destinations

If you fancy swapping grey skies and cold weather for some sunshine and warmer climes this winter, we’ve got you covered. We’ve cherry-picked our favourite cities and beach destinations across the globe with guaranteed sunshine. Get ready to pack those bags, as here are some of the best winter sun destinations around the world.

7 of the Best Winter Sun Destinations

1. Cancun, Mexico

If you don’t mind the crowds – winter is peak tourist season – in Cancun, you’ll experience near-perfect weather during the winter months. You’ll also find some of the cheapest flight and hotel prices for a winter sun holiday in Mexico. The temperatures top out at around 28°C and it stays nice and warm in the evenings too. Fancy a dip? The sea temperature is around 26ºC, which is positively balmy for swimming.

2. Dubai, UAE

Dubai has two seasons: hot and hotter. However, the winter months are hot but not unbearably so. Average temperatures hover in and around 20°C and Dubai basks in eight hours of sunshine a day. Therefore, winter is one of the best times to visit Dubai as it’s warm enough to go sightseeing outdoors without having to seek air-con every few minutes. It is also the ideal time to go if you enjoy sunbathing and swimming in the sea. The sea temperature in the winter is a pleasant 21°C.

Best Winter Sun Destinations

3. Miami, Florida

Winter in Miami is wonderful. The weather is hot but not too humid or uncomfortable, which makes it perfect for strolling around the streets and seeing all the sights. In January, the average high in Miami is 24ºC and around 16ºC at night and the sea is warm at 24ºC, which is perfect for swimming and water sports. A winter sun holiday in Miami is also wallet-friendly as it’s one of the cheapest months for flights.

Best Winter Sun Destinations

4. Agadir, Morocco

For a winter beach holiday, book a flight to Agadir in Morocco. During the winter months, the average daytime temperature in Agadir lingers somewhere around 15ºC, with highs of 22ºC and lows of 8ºC. Whatsmore, there are around eight hours of sunshine a day. However, in Agadir, you’ll actually look forward to the sun going down to enjoy the kaleidoscopic sunsets. For the best sundowners, head to the beachside cafes or to the Kasbah on the hill overlooking the harbour.

5. Maderia, Portugal

The Portuguese archipelago of Madeira is an ideal winter sun destination due to its warm weather and tropical feel. Closer to Africa than to mainland Portugal, the average high temperature in Maderia in January and February is around 19.7ºC (67.5°F), and these are the coldest months. Those kinds of temperatures mean it’s warm enough to top up your tan on the beautiful beaches. Furthermore, with, on average, 6.1 hours of sunshine a day, Maderia is an ideal destination for winter trekking and hiking through the lush forests.

6. Valletta, Malta

Whilst not the warmest place to visit during winter, the weather in Valletta, Malta is usually clear and sunny. Average winter temperatures are 13°C (55°F) and there are around 7 hours of sunshine a day. Apart from the sunny weather, winter is a wonderful time to visit Valletta as there are so many things to do. February is when Carnival takes place in cities across Malta and party-goers dress up in bright costumes and grotesque masks and dance the night away to live music.

7. Bali, Indonesia

Looking for a desert island winter escape? Book a break in Bali, which is idyllic all year round but even more so when travelling from somewhere cold and dark. Temperatures in Bali hover around the high 20s Celsius (low 80s Fahrenheit) during the day and the evenings are balmy. The wet season begins in October and lasts until April, but the rains don’t tend to last very long and there are around eight hours of sunshine every day.

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