Brits Can Now Embark on a “Mystery Trip” to the Caribbean

This year’s pandemic has no doubt led to a pent up desire to travel. With borders, lockdowns and safety measures fluctuating all around the globe this year, it’s hard to tell when travel will be back to normal. However, if there’s one good thing to come out of this pandemic, it’s the innovation of tourism. With the rise of resort bubbles, virtual travel experiences and more lax remote work visas; there are certainly unique experiences that have been born out of a cratering travel industry. Most recently, a mystery trip to the Caribbean.

Brits Can Now Embark on a “Mystery Trip” to the Caribbean

Virgin Atlantic Holidays is guaranteeing Brits a Caribbean winter escape with no quarantine once they return home. The package which is aptly named Escape Pass will send guests to a mystery island in the Caribbean for up to 14 days. It works like this; travellers select only the length of their stay by deciding between one or two weeks; next, the hotel rating and flight class. Then, travellers will learn their destination just two weeks before their departure. Among the destinations are Barbados, Antigua, Grenada and Tobago. More Caribbean islands will be on the itinerary pending the UK’s Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Oddice adding them to the travel corridor list.

Juha Jarvinen, chief commercial officer at Virgin Atlantic, said this; ”We know customers are keen to get away on their next adventure after a difficult year,”… ”Top of the list is an idyllic holiday to the Caribbean, where the COVID-19 pandemic has been managed extremely well, allowing holidaymakers to enjoy sun, sea and beaches safely.”

Additionally, Virgin Atlantic announced in August that it would provide all passengers with free coronavirus insurance until March. The insurance covers covid medical expenses, including repatriation, quarantine costs, transport charges and more.

Moreover, several Caribbean countries have felt the crippling effects of the virus. The sudden stop in tourism has no doubt, led to unprecedented job losses and an economy that will be extremely difficult to revive. In response, some countries have announced alluring remote workers visas. Barbados, for example, has reeled in quite a few looking to take advantage of their new remote worker visa that allows stays up to a year. Antigua and Barbuda have also recently announced a new two-year residency program.

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