Celebrity Cruises Music Map

This Interactive Map Shows The Most Sung-About Places In The World

Anyone who’s a music fan will know that musicians often write about destinations that are special to them, with some cities a lot more popular than others. This interactive map created by Celebrity Cruises shows just how many songs are from a particular city.

From Amsterdam to Alaska and the Caribbean to Copenhagen, the results give an interesting view of the places which have inspired artists worldwide.

The map analysed lyrics of over 200,000 top-charting singles since the 1960s. The information is organised by artist, genre, and decade, so you can easily see which locations are the most popular.

Here’s the Top 5 most sung-about places in the world:

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Dr. Job Steward, popular music expert and course leader at the British Institute of Modern Music Institute in Brighton, says: “Music inevitably ties to location — who could imagine The Beach Boys without references to California? Without the geographical touchpoints found in Britpop, it simply wouldn’t make sense.”

You can check out the Celebrity Cruises map here – how many songs has your hometown featured in?

Big 7 Travel Team