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7 Cheap Beach Vacation Spots Around the World

Are you dying for a picturesque beach vacation but don’t want to break the bank? It may seem difficult, but there are plenty of cheap beach vacations around the globe. From tranquil turquoise waters framed by strange rock formations in Thailand to a charming Greek island, we promise there are options. Here are the best spots for a cheap beach vacation around the world.

Cheapest Beach Destinations Around the World

1. Phuket, Thailand

This Thai gem pulls in tourists from all around the globe for its pristine nature and delicious food. Phuket is most famous for its nearby Phi Phi Islands that boast insane rock formations, crystal clear water and powdery white sand beaches. Fortunately, all of this beauty can be enjoyed on the cheap. The average hotel here runs at just $105 bucks a night, and a meal shouldn’t set you back more than $10. That said you can definitely find cheaper accommodation and food if you travel like a local and hunt for some super low deals. A food tour in Phuket is a great way to sample local dishes!
For more details on costs associated with travel to Phuket, head here. 

2. Samana, Dominican Republic

Pristine turquoise waters framed by powdery white sand beaches and swaying palms are the biggest draw to this stunning Caribbean gem. Much more affordable than it’s Punta Cana cousin, it’s the ideal escape for a cheap beach vacay. Stays at beachfront hotels can be found for less than $100 a night which is a steal, and a good meal shouldn’t set you back more than $20.
For more details on costs associated with travel to Samana, head here.

3. Penang, Malaysia

Malaysia as a whole is one of the world’s most underrated budget travel destinations, and Penang is no exception. The city is home to an incredibly preserved colonial era, ornate ancient temples and is just a melting pot of culture. What’s more, is the beautiful Batu Ferringhi beach perfect for lazing away. The best part? It doesn’t cost a ton to enjoy your stay. For a nice hotel for two people, you shouldn’t be set back more than $85. The food, however, is even more affordable with good meals costing just $10.

For more details on costs associated with travel to Penang, head here. 

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4. Playa del Carmen, Mexico

Despite being one of Mexico’s most renowned beach areas, Playa del Carmen is very affordable. Stroll the charming promenade loaded with shops, explore the Xcaret Eco Park or wander at the Parque Los Fundadores’ sculptures and local performances. Or of course, you can do nothing at all and lounge the day away on the white sands of the Yucatan Peninsula. Either way, you won’t break the bank. With the right budget, couples can pay $50/night for a hotel stay and less than $20 for a nice dinner.

For more details on costs associated with travel to Playa del Carmen, head here.

5. Agistri, Greece

Who knew you could experience stunning Greek islands without it costing an arm and a leg? For just 12 euro a ferry will take you from Athens to the pristine Greek oasis that is Agistri. This tiny Greek island is in the Saronic Gulf and known for its pristine turquoise waters and friendly locals. For a local meal, you can expect to pay around $30 for two people, wine included. Better yet, a nice hotel shouldn’t set you back more than $70 a night.

To browse affordable Agistri hotels, head here. 

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image: Ferries in Greece

6. Cadaques, Spain

Hidden coves, isolated beaches, vibrant Spanish culture and affordability are just a few things to look forward to at this slice of paradise. Costa Brava is often known for its overpriced tourist traps, but Cadaques will surprise you. Whether you wander the pristine Cap de Crus or nap on the pristine La Pltja Rose, it won’t be hard to see why the bustling beach town is so popular. Meal prices run around $25 for two people, and any of the charming boutique hotels should only set you back around $50-$70.
To browse affordable hotels in Cadaques, head here. 

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7. Porec, Croatia

It’s no secret that Croatia is home to some of the best beaches on the planet but did you know it can also be quite affordable? Porec off on the western coast of the Istrian Peninsula is proof. This charming beach spot is home to a seriously adorable old town and stunning beaches perfect for a sunny vacation. The real perk is that you can enjoy all of this at an extremely reasonable price. Stay at a cosy hotel for no more than $75 and enjoy a midrange dinner with wine for $20.

For more details on costs associated with travel to Porec, head here. 

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