cheapest caribbean destinations

7 of the Cheapest Caribbean Vacation Destinations

The Caribbean is a much sought after region to travel to. It’s full of vibrant landscapes like lush volcanic hills, pristine white sand beaches and dense jungles. Its also home to a melting pot of different cultures and some of the most incredible food in the world. Trying to decide which island to travel to can be tricky but let’s be honest, one factor is always cost. That’s why we compiled a list of the cheapest Caribbean vacation destinations to travel to based on average hotel and meal prices.

Cheapest Caribbean Vacation Destinations

1. Dominican Republic

From the glistening waters of Punta Cana to the bustling capital of Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic is on many a bucket list. Punta Cana is home to one of the Caribbean’s longest white sand coastlines and some of the most world-class resorts in the region. While prices in the Dominican Republic have been on the rise, it’s still a relatively cheap destination for the Caribbean. For a mid-range hotel that’s still quite swanky, you can expect to pay around $100 a night. Meal wise you’re looking at approximately $10.

For more information on costs associated with travelling to the Dominican Republic, head here. 

cheapest caribbean destinations

2. Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico has long been a top Caribbean destination for its incredible colonial architecture, rich local culture and insanely delicious food. These things alone make the island worth visiting, but a big perk is definitely its affordability. The national average for a meal in a family-style restaurants runs at about $10-$15 per person, and the average hotel room runs around $100/night.

For more information on costs associated with travelling to Puerto Rico, head here. 

3. Trinidad and Tobago

Want to have an epic Caribbean vacation without digging too deep in your pockets? Trinidad and Tobago are your answer. The twin sister islands are famous for their jaw-dropping nature like lush mountain jungles, powdery white beaches and sky-high waterfalls. A hotel for a couple costs less than $115/night on average and a hearty meal for two hovers around $20.
For more information on costs associated with travelling to Trinidad and Tobago, head here.

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4. Curaçao

What better way to celebrate the diversity of Caribbean culture on a budget than a visit to Curaçao? Belonging to the Kingdom of the Netherlands, Curaçao is a unique and affordable choice for your Caribbean vacay. Take in the Dutch baroque charm that oozes from the capital, Willemstad or lounge on the unspoilt shores of Sabana Westpunt, either way, you’re in for a treat. Great accommodation can be found for $100/night a mid-range meal for two people will cost around $20.
For more information on costs associated with travelling to Curaçao, head here.

5. Grenada

Aptly nicknamed Spice Island, you’ll have plenty of natural beauty to explore here on the cheap. Tour some of the islands oldest spice plantations and let the warm scents of nutmeg and cinnamon lead you around the area. After that, you can marvel at Annandale Falls or nap under the sun at Grand Anse Beach. Grenada is also home to one of the Caribbeans most picturesque capitals, the ever-charming St. George’s. A filling meal here won’t cost more than $10, and you can find a room at around $80-$100/night on average.
For more information on travelling to Grenada, head here.

cheapest caribbean destinations
6. Jamaica

A strong reggae culture, endless idyllic beaches and drool-worthy cuisine are just a few things to look forward to at this budget-friendly destination. Montego Bay’s white-sand shores, lush mountains and warm locals will have you swooning in no time. Whether you spend your days sipping cocktails to the beat of Bob Marley in the background or take the time to explore Jamaica’s many hiking trails, it can all be done quite affordably. You can land at a nice hotel in Montego Bay for less than $70/night, and a good dinner runs around $20.
For more information on travelling in Jamaica, head here.

cheapest caribbean destinations
7. Martinique

On this idyllic island, you’ll find a unique blend of Creole and French culture that can all be enjoyed at a reasonable cost. Whether you opt for the 16km hiking trail that connects the main fishing village to the black-sand beaches at Le Prêcheur through the valley of Mount Peleé; or scuba dive at any of the famous shipwrecks along the shores, you’re in for a treat. A hotel stay here runs around $150/night, but you can find them for much cheaper if you look hard enough. It’s not difficult to eat well on this French island either – meals around $13.

For more information on travelling in Martinique, head here.

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