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Coronavirus Screenings: Airport Queues Around The World Reach Tipping Point

Flying anywhere soon? While some cities report near-empty airports, major travel hubs are extra busy. As travel restrictions rush in for countries across the world amid the coronavirus outbreak, travellers are scrambling to get to their necessary destination. From expats doing last minute visa runs to nationals rushing home, the surge is causing lengthy airport queues for coronavirus screenings.

Travellers Share Images of Massive Airport Queues

Today, travellers are posting reports of long queues in Heathrow airport and Delhi airport. Additional temperature screenings and visa checks are causing long waits:

Heathrow Airport in London: 

Delhi Airport is also experiencing long waits:

Travellers say they’re waiting up to one hour in Delhi and Mumbai airports for pre-immigration health screenings. Visa checks will then add on even more time.

Image: IANS

Image: IANS

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