Famous Vegan Desserts

7 Popular Vegan Desserts You Have To Try

Just because you’re on a plant based diet doesn’t mean you miss out on sweet treats. These famous vegan desserts taste absolutely superb. They are some of the best known desserts from around the world but are all completely vegan. All of the pleasure and none of the guilt.

The recipes have been meticulously recreated planned out by some of the world’s best baking bloggers. Make sure to bookmark not just these recipes, but to also check out all their other incredible vegan treats.

Time to get yourself into the kitchen and start cooking up these famous vegan desserts. Your friends will be seriously impressed with these divine treats…

‘Famous’ Vegan Desserts to Try

1. American Style Vegan Avocado Brownies

These almond flour vegan avocado brownies are gluten free, full of healthy fats, and also easy to make! This recipe is also dairy free, eggless, quick, refined sugar free, and fudgey.

Recipe created by Selin.

2. Indian Mango Kulfi

Traditionally Mango Kulfi uses thick and sweetened condensed milk to give that soft and creamy texture although this version is just as delicious and fully vegan.

Recipe created by Indira.

3. Canadian Butter Tarts

A popular Canadian dessert that is quite similar to pecan pie, but which comes in wonderful small bite sized pieces that are perfect for devouring.

Recipe created by Home Baked Vegan.

4. Chocolate Vegan Swiss Roll

This cake is so incredibly rich and moist and it is naturally lower in sugar so you don’t have to feel guilty eating four pieces – more!

Recipe created by Gretchen.

5. Portugese Bolo De Bolacha

This ubiquitous Portuguese cake is usually made with condensed milk, cream and eggs but this recipe is vegan by using coconut cream.

Recipe created by Rika And Doni.

Famous Vegan Desserts

6. German Vegan Apple Cake

You’ll want to find the very best apples for this cake because if you get it right it is both the tastiest and prettiest cake you might ever bake.

Recipe created by Valerie.

Famous Vegan Desserts

7. Australian Vegan Pavlova

This vegan pavlova tastes exactly like the traditional version. It’s sweet, light and crispy with a soft, marshmallow-y centre. Top it with vegan whipped cream and berries for a super impressive dessert!

Recipe created by Clo.

Famous Vegan Desserts

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