The French Toast Skewers

Daily Drool #16: French Toast Skewers

Brunch is one of those meals where you are used to seeing the same things on the menu all the time. We get it, avocado toast is a classic but we need something different.

What you probably haven’t seen before are French toast skewers – these tasty bites are definitely something you need in your life.

Just look at the beauty of the French toast skewers in slow motion… You would nearly say too good to eat. Nearly!

You’ll find these skewers in the hometown of brunch: New York. To be precise, they are on the menu at West End Bar & Grill. It’s the sort of restaurant where brunch is basically a religion, as you can see from a couple of their other dishes.

Just LOOK at this berry pancake stack…

Or if you are being really bold, their Nutella pancake stack…

But let’s be honest. You aren’t going to come here and order anything but the French toast! It’s absolute perfection.

They French toast comes served on three skewers, with nine wonderfully chewy and crunchy pieces per potion. Add in maple syrup to drizzle over the skewers and you will be in absolute brunch heaven here. We are drooling already here…

As always, we know you might not be able to jump on a flight tomorrow and get these¬† skewers so we have an alternative for you. You can make them at home with this simple recipe and technique…

We’re off to book the next flight to New York to try these out!

Big 7 Travel Team
Big 7 Travel Team
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