Future Of Flying Ryanair

The Future Of Flying Ryanair: Video Shows “New Normal” Flight

The future of flying Ryanair has just been given some clarity, with the release of a video that shows what getting on a plane will actually look like. With airlines keen to get back in the skies, Ryanair, the world’s 5th biggest airline by passengers carried) has announced it will resume 40% of flights on July.

With entire fleets grounded across the world it is an especially tough time for the airline industry. Many are relying on government bailouts just to stay afloat and pay staff.

The big question that remains to be answered, is if passengers will even be willing to fly again? Ryanair have clearly put a lot of thought into their strategy… This is the start of a communication plan.

The Future Of Flying Ryanair Video

The measures highlighted in the video look sensible and are the very least that passengers would expect. The last thing people want is a repeat of the scenes on planes over the last week, with rampant overcrowding.

Some of the key measures that Ryanair will be implementing include:

  • No queues for the toilets
  • Face masks for all passengers
  • Higher standards of cleaning
  • Limited “covered” snack menu
  • Temperature checks on boarding
  • Preventing of queuing where possible

There is a long way to go in the airline industry, but at least Ryanair have come out and communicated their plans clearly. There will be further questions around social distancing and flight capacity in the coming weeks. The biggest question of all is will the consumer want to fly again in July? Let us know if you would in the comments below.

Big 7 Travel Team